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Don't forget to complete 2 library workshops before.

Don't forget to  complete two projects by the dates given in the syllabus.

Awesome discovery:  fluorescent sea turtle  <click here>

God, Science and the Big Questions (click on link): You might agree or disagree--some challenging ideas for Biology students to think about.  Streaming panel discussion from BIOLA University; may be of interest to students of faith, philosophy and those wanting to discuss science from a faith point of view.  This panel of Christian thinkers (BIOLA theologian, BIOLA philosopher, Cambridge mathematician, Public Radio & Meet the Press talk show host) addresses the cultural idea that science and God cannot co-exist.  The discussion is heavily philosophical, but there are nuggets of information that even non-philosophers might enjoy.   (You may skip the first 12min. 45 secs of PR for BIOLA   programs by putting your cursor in the lower left corner of the screen and then moving the white dot with red center to the right.  I recommend you do listen to the introduction of the speakers. ) 

Interesting article:>

FREE TUTORING is available for this class at the Aera STEM tutoring center.  See tutor names and schedules posted in lab room (SE42).

Learning Styles Questionnaire and Strategies
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