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Professor Andrea Garrison
All documents within this website are copyrighted and may be used for study purposes only.  All other purposes require permission of Professor Andrea Garrison.


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You must attend every class session the first two weeks of class (including labs that meet before the first lecture) or you will be dropped from the class to allow waitlisted students to enroll.

Due to a sudden retirement, I will be teaching Biology 3A, and my Biology 11 sections have been assigned to Professor Heather Keldgord.

Biology 3A students:  You will need to purchase the following texts: 

1) Russell, Hertz, McMillan, 2014.  Biology: The Dynamic Science, 3rd ed.; 

2) Devlin-Kelly, 2014.  Investigations: A Critical Thinking Approach to the Biology Laboratory, packaged with 

3) Adams & Crawley, 2013.  Van de Graff's Photographic Atlas for the Biology Laboratory.

Interesting article:>

The Biology 3A portion of this website is still under  construction.  Syllabus is available using link to the left.


TUTORING AVAILABLE:  FREE tutoring is available for this class, starting around the third week of school.  Please contact the BC tutoring center at 395-4430 or in person on the third floor of the Student Services Building.  Any Biology 11 tutor can assist you.  Tutoring Center hours are MR 8:00am - 5:30pm; TW 8:00am - 7:30pm; F 8:00am - 11:00am.


Learning Styles Questionnaire and Strategies
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