Bakersfield College Assessment

Bakersfield College Assessment

BC Assessment Philosophy Statement

For today's student, learning is more than simply acquiring knowledge. While learning certainly involves mastery of subject matter, it also requires the application of that knowledge, the discovery and utilization of resources, and the solving of problems. Such learning may occur anywhere in the college environment and is not restricted to interactions between students and instructors in a classroom. Instead, the entire campus works together to support student growth and development for life long learning.

Effective student learning, in fact, becomes essential to the social and economic development of multicultural California. Consequently, policy directions for Bakersfield College are based on providing, monitoring and improving student learning through appropriate assessment measures. Outcomes assessment is the process that not only monitors what and how well students learn, but it also measures the effectiveness of the institution in providing effective learning opportunities. These opportunities must include the dissemination and understanding of learning objectives and student support strategies as well as the consistent application of high academic standards.

Overall, such an on-going student outcomes assessment process works to improve institutional effectiveness. This process uses multiple measures of valid, reliable, and relevant assessment procedures, both quantitative and qualitative, to monitor and improve courses, services, and programs. The data collected over time will provide information for curriculum reform, broad-based planning, resource allocation, organizational leadership, institutional governance, and staff and student development. This information is used to improve instruction, student, and community services, and to certify academic excellence for the college clientele and constituencies.

In addition to meeting state and accreditation requirements, this ongoing assessment process will provide the campus the following opportunities:

Individual personnel evaluation is addressed in the Kern Community College Board Policy and Procedures Manual and CCA Contract and is separate from this student outcomes assessment process.