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for: II B 1 1968-1972
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1960 - Photo of an unidentified event at in the Campus Center. Burns Finlinson (far left). Circa 1960.

1970 - Photo: Burns Finlinson (right) with five unidentified men. Photo by Al Noriega. Circa 1970.

1975 - Photo of Peg Levinson, Ed Simonsen, John Collins, Ralph Prator, and Burns Finlinson at an unidentified event. Photo by William Walker. Circa 1975.

1970 - Photo: Planning the health careers program: Clockwise from left: Burns Finlinson (hand to forehead), Ron Allsman, Paul Freed, Milt Sanden, an unidentified man, Larry Carr (Chief administrator at Memorial Hospital), Tom Merson (at head of table), rest unidentified. Circa 1970.

1958 - Photo of Mr and Mrs. Chet O'Neill (sitting), with Burns Finlinson (far right) and an unidentified man. Taken outside the original library. Circa 1958.