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1/1/1970 - Various negative and photos of staff, including Shirley Trembley, Scott Rice, Bob Tuttle, Jack Hernandez and others, some unidentified, 1970's and 1980's

1975 - Photo of George McGee and an unidentified student. Circa 1975.

1975 - Photo of three unidentified men, Willie Lowell, Don Rodewald, and Richard ??? in the broadcasting studio. Circa 1975.

1975 - Photo: Ralph Neilson far left, Randy Dickow 2nd from the left and Larry Robinson (third from right) walk on campus with five unidentified men. Circa 1975.

1985 - Photo of Stella Chavez, David Seatt, and an unidentified woman. Photo by Al Noriega. Circa 1985.

1/1/1990 - 10 unidentified faculty photos, mid 1990's

1/1/1991 - Various negative and photos of staff, some include Chuck wall, Jack Hernandez, Robbie Martinez, and Carl Bowser, others unidentified, 1991