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No descriptions associated with donations in this category need updates. 1950 - Photo: L-R: (Seated) John Eckhardt, Theron Taber, Theron McCuen, (Standing) Parley Kilburn, 3 unidentified, Ed Simonsen, 5 unidentified, Jensen, Les Hedge, Avery Allen. c.1950s.

1960 - Photo: L-R: Theron Taber, Theron McCuen, Chet O'Neil, and unidentified (possibly Woodworth?). c.1960s.

1948 - Photo: Clockwise from bottom: Theron McCuen, Les Hedge, 3 unidentified, Avery Allen, Grace Bird, unidentified, John Eckhardt, unidentified, Buss Mills, unidentified, Grant Jensen, Theron Taber. Circa late 1940s. Monthly meeting, principals, college director & key people in District Offices with Superintendent of KCUHS & JC District.