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1950 - c 1950s - Students and Staff - Miscellaneous Events - Frank Wattron and nine unidentified BC Students at microphone in KAFY radio station - 8x10 b/w photographic print

1950 - Photo of an army Jeep holding three unidentified men, captioned "To Frank Wattron, From Captain Casey". Circa 1950s.

1960 - Photo of Frank Wattron (center left) and 3 unidentified students rehearsing. Circa 1960.

1960 - Photo of Frank Wattron (far right) and 8 unidentified students rehearsing. Circa 1960.

1965 - Photo of Frank Wattron (far left), Margaret Levinson (center left) 3 unidentified performing artists, and an unidentified student (far right). Circa 1965.

1947 - Photo of Frank Wattron and 11 unidentified students Advertising the famous war play "A Bell for Adano". 1947.

1966 - Photo of Frank Wattron appearing as Falstaff in Henry IV. Two unidentified students. 1966.

1946 - Photo: Three unidentified drama students with Ethyl Robinson (center), and Frank Wattron (right). Circa 1945.