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1943 - Photo of 1943 Lance and Shield group. L-R Front: Clarjane Booth, Ruby Baldwin, Mildred Hadlock, Grace Bird, Violet Franz, Iris Landry, June Cauvel, Helen Burt, Lois McCaeb. Second Row: Margaret Hadlock, Esther Stormont, Rose Hashim, Georgia van Wy, Betty Jo Avery, Unidentified, Betty Jaggard, Mildred Reed, Naoma Ledbetter. Third Row: Ruth Evans, Gay Beitinger, Catherine Bayes, Virginia Tarver, Lois Knight, Margaret Haag, Mae Bettauer, Gladys Russell, June Johnson.

1/1/1970 - Spring Installation and "Late Crew" (Unidentified) - 10 color 3.5 x 3.5 photographic prints; 2 cards identifying "Late Crew" members.