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1/1/1982 - Photos and negatives of Homecoming activities, unidentified students in swimsuits and a dunk tank, 1982

1989 - 1989 - Homecoming Photos - Bryan Mathews (ASBC President) in tuxedo at far right watches unidentified older man receive a plaque from unidentified younger woman at Memorial Stadium - 5x8 color photographic print

1/1/1990 - 2 photos at homecoming game, unidentified students, mid 1990's

1/1/1990 - 9 photos of homecoming partners, unidentified students, 1990

1990 - c.1990's. B/w photo of two unidentified individuals setting up a homecoming float.

1990 - c.1990's. B/w photo of renegade knight mascot drinking water with costume, unidentified student.

1990 - c.1990's. B/w photo of cheerleader doing a turn in the air, during BC game. all unidentified students.

1990 - c.1990's. B/w photo of unidentified students standing on campus center for homecoming activities.

1/1/1991 - 6 photos of homecoming king and queen, unidentified students, 1991

2003 - 2003 photo of 4 people in BC truck. Lauren, Brandon Williams, Grace Pusavat, unidentified.