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1/1/1970 - Photographs: Black and white photo's of unidentified group of 3 men, group of football teammates and 4 football teammates holding football. Circa 1970.

1973 - Dan Oneill appears to be serving food to unidentified person. Possibly a fund raiser event. Circa 1973.

1973 - Dan Oneill is looking at a 1973 program and showing it to an unidentified person . Circa 1973.

1973 - Dan Oneill sitting at the desk with a pen in his hand along with unidentified people. Circa 1973.

1975 - Dan ONeill surrounded by several unidentified people, possibly some type of meeting. Circa 1975.

1975 - Dan Oneill sitting to left side of the desk, while other of unidentified people standing . Circa 1975.

1975 - Dan ONeill is leaning on desk with two other unidentified people (BC Alumni). Circa 1975.

1960 - Officials: Bottom row (Les Carpenter, Joe Dotter, Unidentified, Clint Osthimer. Top Row(Danny O'Neil, Mike Woesnner, Unidentified, Unidentified, Unidentified, Carl Barra. Circa 1970.