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1980 - Photo L to R: unidentified, Duke Grazier, Bob Hallum and Walt Johnson (Football Coach) at an awards event. Circa 1980.

1980 - Photo of Walt Johnson, Duane Damron, Carl Bowser, Gerry Collis, and Harvel Pollard (all Football Coaches) at an unidentified event. Circa 1980.

1968 - Standing far right, Walt Johnson stands with an unidentified player with trophy and an unidentified person. Circa 1968

1978 - c.1978 B/w Photo of Football awards and banquet, from L to R, Unidentified, Mark V, Walt Johnson. Photo 7 of 11.

1965 - Black and white unidentified players sitting on bleachers and coach(Walt Johnson) talking to them. Circa 1967.

1979 - c.1979 B/w Photo of Football awards and banquet, From L to R, unidentified, Ernie Bell, Duke Grazier, and Walt Johnson. Photo 3 of 11.