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Data is here to stay and you must make it useful to the work you do every day. How can you use data to influence student success?

On Friday, March 14, Bakersfield College will present Point of Origin, an exciting day of world-class speakers who will show you how you can put data to work. You’ll learn new strategies based on things you thought you knew, and will be surprised by the ways data can help you.

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Registration Fee: $50 payable upon conference check-in (Please Note: The registration fee for Bakersfield College employees is waived, and will paid through professional development grants).

(Please disregard the information below indicating that the event is free; the cost of this event is $50 per person.)

We will be live-streaming some of the presentations. There is no cost to view our live streams, but if you plan on using this service, we would appreciate it if you would fill out the Live Stream ticket order form so that we can get some basic information about how many people might be utilizing this option


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