New Student Counseling Workshop

Welcome!  This is an online interactive workshop and is the other option to an on-campus 2 hour group workshop. Contact Counseling at (661) 395-4421 to schedule an in-person New Student Counseling Workshop. If you have earned an Associate's degree or higher, you are exempt from completing this workshop.

This online workshop is recommended for students that are self-motivated and have strong reading and computer skills. Do not proceed if you do not have access to a printer. Contact Counseling (661) 395-4421 for further instructions.


To complete this workshop you must:

It is very important that you take the time to:

Upon completion of this workshop, you will be able to:

  1. Interpret your Placement Test results
  2. Create an Abbreviated Educational Plan for your first semester of college
  3. Practice college success strategies
  4. Register for classes

All new students should complete the enrollment steps below before continuing with this workshop: 

A minimum score of  70% correct is required on the quiz at the end of this workshop in order to to receive credit for this step in matriculation. If you do not pass the quiz, or you do not know what classes to sign up for your first semester, please contact the Counseling & Advising Center to schedule an appointment, or drop in to see an advisor.

Concurrently Enrolled High School Students

Military Veterans

Students with a disability in need of special accommodations

International Students: Contact Shohreh Rahman at or call (661) 395-4412

Let's Begin

StudentDownload and print a copy of each of these documents before proceeding:

Your Placement Results

Required Activity:

Look at your placement results, and write down the Math, English and Reading (if necessary) courses you placed into, and write down the courses in the appropriate line/s on your abbreviated ed plan.

Research shows that students who complete English and Math their first semester are more likely to be successful in college.

Placement Retesting Policy

If you feel your placement results do not match the work you did in high school, and you just recently graduated, please visit the Counseling & Advising Center. Bring a copy of your recent high school transcript with you.

Sample class recommendation sheet filled based on sample test scores.

Abbreviated Student Education Plan

Can other factors be used to adjust my assessment level?

Students who complete Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) courses in high school and take the test and pass with a score of 3 or better will get college credit for a variety of subjects. Example:  A minimum score of 3 on either the AP English Language or English Literature test will earn you English B1A credit at Bakersfield College.  Note:  Some colleges require higher than a 3 for AP credit.  Check with an Educational Advisor/Counselor for more information.

It is strongly recommended that you register for an educational planning course in your first semester, as you will complete your comprehensive educational plan that will earn you priority registration in future semetsers. 

Some majors have their own specific educational planning courses:

General Educational Planning Courses:

Required Activity:

Write the educational planning course you plan on registering for on your Abbreviated Student Ed Plan.

Optional Activity:

Students who want to practice time management, note taking, textbook reading, test taking, memory and vocabulary skills can register for courses in Academic Development B70 (A-F).

Write the study skills courses you want to enroll in on your Class Recommendation Worksheet.


Your First Semester

It's POSSIBLE to succeed at Bakersfield College. Students who develop good habits their first semester of college are more likely to succeed. Visit our Habits of Mind website for tools to help you succeed.

Download the App:

Required Activity:  
Look at the General Education patterns you printed earlier (under "Let's Begin" title above).

General Education

There are three general education patterns at Bakersfield College.  Select one of the three general education patterns listed below based on your educational goal.

All general education courses require that you are at college level reading and writing, so these may not be appropriate for all students to take during their first semester.

Required Activity:  
List the general education courses you plan on taking during your first semester on your Abbreviated Student Educational Plan (Lines 6-10).

Your Major

Many students come to college knowing what their major is and may want to take major specific courses in their first semester.  BC offers many certificates, associate degrees and courses that lead to transfer. 

What is a Major? A major is a group or series of courses designed to provide intensive education or training in a specialized area.  Students may take classes for their major any semester they choose as long as they are eligible for the course (read course description for prerequisites), the course is offered in the term and seats are available. 

If you are interested in pre-nursing, pre-radiologic technology, or pre-lvn, visit the Allied Health website or contact Dinorah Castro at



Finally, how many units should I enroll in?

Total Work Hours

Per Week

Recommended Number

of Classes
Per Semester

Estimated Study Time

In hours
















Class Schedule

President’s Scholars and Reentry Scholars Program

You may be eligible to become a President’s Scholar if you enroll at BC the Fall semester directly following high school and earned a 3.5 cumulative grade point average or higher in all four years of high school.

You may be eligible to become a Reentry Scholar if you have been out of school for at least 5 years or if you are at least 25 years of age upon enrollment at BC.  You must also hold a 3.75 cumulative grade point average or higher.

Applications may be obtained from the Director of Student Life Office located in the BC Collins Campus Center, Room 4.  President's Scholars must attach a current high school transcript to the application.  President’s Scholars and Reentry Scholars receive first day priority registration and an honorarium each semester.  For more information, please contact  the Director of Student Life Office at (661)395-4614.

Remember, to be a successful college student it is your responsibility to:

Next steps:
Quiz - Required activity: 

Please note that if you do not pass the Workshop Quiz, you may repeat this online workshop. After two unsuccessful attempts the Counseling Department strongly recommends you contact the Counseling Department at (661) 395-4421 to schedule a 2-Hour New Student group workshop.

Complete the Workshop Quiz  and then return here for instructions on how to register online for your classes.


Class Registration

Required activity: 

Before you attempt to register for classes, refer to your Abbreviated Student Educational Plan that you completed during this workshop.  In addition,  the Schedule Planning/Time Management Worksheet is provided to draft a schedule for your personal use.

 The maximum number of units a student is allowed to enroll in for a Fall or Spring semester is 19 units.  However, the Counseling Department strongly recommends new students register for a maximum of 12 units.  In addition, we discourage first time students registering for on-line classes due to the degree of difficulty, time commitment and success rate.

To maximize your chances of getting the courses that you want it is best if you have a flexible schedule and that you use the automatic waitlist if a class you want is already closed when you register.  Remember, being on a waitlist for a class does not guarantee enrollment in that class. 

Registration Log-in Information

Login to InsideBC using your BC login/email address and password (Find your Email) (Find your Password). Click on the Student Tab, then find the Registration Tools and use those links to register for classes.

Need help? Download our Step-by-Step Registration Guide!

If you have a Registration Hold and are prohibited from registering for classes, you must contact the Admissions and Records Office for assistance, and may have to provide appropriate documentation.


"What lies behind us and lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us" (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Successful College Graduate