First step, print out ECOS (Education and Career Opportunities System) instructions below.


Step 1: Click on Student

Step 2: Click on Create a new account
    Type in member code - 8948629053
Enter Name
    Enter email (Optional)
    Enter High School (Read directions)
    Create your user ID
    Create your password 
            hint: (Use same word for ID and password)

Step 3: Submit Account  

    If you can not access ECOS read the top of the page (in red) where it will suggest an acceptable ID to use. Fill in and resubmit the information again using the same User ID and Password given to you in the red space. Be sure to write the ID/Password down for future access.

How to get a quick list of Careers to Explore based on Your current information

1. After answering some general questions, click on "Explore My Options-Careers"

2. Click on career assessment

3. Click on take test
This will be a self-assessment

4. After completing the assessment, click on careers    matching your Holland code to get a list of careers.

Students may want to look at the other modules in ECOS:

   College information
   Financial Aid
   Life Skills

Print this page before moving forward.

Next step, click to go to ECOS or type in this URL