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California State University General Education
Breadth Course List.

A. Communication in the English Language and Critical
A minimum of nine semester units in both oral
and written communication in the English language, and
in critical thinking and reasoning. Students must
complete all of Area A with grades of C or higher prior
to transferring.

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A.1. Oral Communication: COMM B1 (formerly SPCH B1), COMM B2,  COMM B4, 
         COMM B8.
A.2. Written Communication: ENGL  B1a
A.3. Critical Thinking: PHIL B7, B9; ENGL B1b, B2 or
        COMM B5 (formerly SPCH
B5) AP scores cannot be used for A.3

B. Physical Universe and Life Forms: A minimum of nine
semester units including instruction in physical and life
science (at least one course must include a laboratory)
and instruction in math/quantitative reasoning. Choose
one course from each area. Courses with a laboratory are
identified by an asterisk (*), see B.3. Students must
complete Area B.4 with a grade of C or higher prior to

B.1. Physical Universe: ASTR B1, B2, B3; CHEM B1A*, B2a* B11*,
        B49*; ENVT
B49*; ERSC B10;GEOG B1, B1L*, GEOG B3, GEOL B1a*,
        GEOL B10, GEOL B10L*; PHYS B2a*, B4a*;
        PHSC B12*.

B.2. Life Science: ANTH B1; BIOL B3a*, B3b*, B11*,
        B15*, B16*, B18*, B20*; CRPS B10*.
B.3. Laboratory activity identified: ERSC B10L
; Courses from B.1 and B.2 with an * also satisfy the B.3 lab requirement..
B.4. Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning: BEHS
        COMS B12; ENGR B19f; MATH B1a MATH B1b, B2,
        B6a, B6b, B16, B22, B23, PSYC B5

C. Arts, Literature, Philosophy and Foreign Language: A
minimum of nine semester units among the arts,
literature, philosophy and foreign languages. Every
attempt should be made to include western and nonwestern
cultures. Courses covering non-western cultures
are identified by a star (*). At least one course must be
taken from arts and one from humanities.

C.1. Arts: (Art, Dance, Music, Theatre): ART B1, B2ab,
        B3ab, B11ab, B30a, B30b, B30c, B30d, B30e; CHST B30e
        DANC B6bLb, B6jd, B6md; MUSC B2, B4a, B4b, B21a,
B22, B23, B24, B27; THEA B1, B2a, B2b, B4,
         B5, B6, B7, B12a, B20, B27, B31, B32, B35, B227.
C.2. Humanities: (Literature, Philosophy, Foreign
        Languages): ASL  B1,
B2, B3; ENGL B1b, B5a, B5b,
B10, B20a*, B20b*, B21, B23, B27, B28, B29,
B30a, B30b, B35; FREN B1, B2, B3, B4; GERM B1ab
 HIST B1,  HIST B15, HIST B18, JAPN B1*, B2*; PHIL B6a,  
        B9, B10, B12, B14, B18, B32*, B33, B37*; RUSS
        SPAN B1ab, B2ab,
B3, B4, B10

D. Social, Political, and Economic Institution and
Behavior: Historical Background:
A minimum of nine
semester units dealing with human social, political, and
economic institutions and behavior and their historical
background. Fulfillment of this requirement must include
courses taken in at least two disciplines. Every effort
should be made to include western or non-western
cultures. See notes below for information concerning
additional requirements. Courses covering non-western
cultures are identified by a star (*).

D.1. Anthropology and Archaeology: ANTH B2*, B5.
D.2. Economics:
D.3. Ethnic Studies: ANTH B5; CHST B30a, B30b,
B33, B36;
        HIST B20a, B20b, B30a, B30b, B33, B36;
B45; SOCI B28*, B36, B45
D.4. Gender Studies: ENGL
B23; HIST B25; SOCI B28*
D.5. Geography. GEOG B2
D.6. History: CHST B30a, B30b,
B33. HIST B2, B3, B4a,
        B4b, B15 B17a, B17b, B18, B20a, B20b, B25,
         B30a, B30b, B33, B36
D.7. Interdisciplinary Social or Behavioral Science:
B1; CHDV B13a
D.8. Political Science, Government, and Legal Institutions:
B1; POLS B1, B2, B3, B12, B16
D.9. Psychology: PSYC B1a
D10. Sociology and Criminology: CHST
B36; CRIM B1; CRIM B5; HMSV B45;
         SOCI  B1B28*, B36, B45

E. Lifelong Understanding and Self-Development:
minimum of three semester units in study designed to
equip human beings for lifelong understanding and
development of themselves as integrated physiological
and psychological entities. A maximum of one unit of
credit is allowed for physical education activity courses
in this area.

MEDS B20; B35; NUTR B10; PHIL B12; PSYC B1a,
B8, B30, B31, B33; SOCI
B28; STDV B3
Physical Education Activity Courses:
B2wp, B3adp, B3ads, B3adw, B5, B6, B6da, B6kx, B6pl, B6py, B6y, B7, B9, B10, B11,
B12, B13, B14, B16, B17, B20, B22, B23, B24, B25,
B26, B27, B28, B29, B30, B32, B33

United States history, Constitution & American Ideals 
(Effective as of Fall 04)

POLS B1 and one of the following:
          HIST B17a , B17b, B20a, B20b, B30a(CHST B30a ), B30b or (CHST B30b ), B36


B17a and POLS B1 or POLS B12 or HIST B18