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BC PROGRAMS - Associate in Arts / Associate in Science Degrees

     BC Degrees may be obtained using one of three General Education patterns:

BC 2012-2013 Gen Ed Pattern
BC 2011-2012 Gen Ed Pattern
CSU 2012-2013 Gen Ed Pattern
CSU 2011-2012 Gen Ed Pattern
UC 2012-2013 IGETC Pattern
UC 2011-2012 IGETC Pattern

For prior catalog rights, please refer to the appropriate college catalog.

Student Educational Plan (SEP)
The General Educational patterns (above) can be helpful in filling out your personal Student Educational Plan (below). The final plan must be signed by a counselor. Follow the instructions for filling out an AA/AS, CSU, or IGETC blank Educational Plan PDF form.

Download the latest free version of Acrobat Reader to view and/or print PDF files.

Associate Degree Guidelines

  1. The Associate Degree requires 60 units. These units must be designated as one of the following in the BC Catalog course description:
    • Transferable (CSU or UC)
    • Get your Degree
    • Associate Degree Only
  2. The 60 units include the following types of courses:
  3. A Cumulative GPA of 2.0 is required on all degree applicable units (units designated in the BC catalog as transferable or Associate Degree only)
  4. Students must complete Graduation Competencies that include the following:
    • English: English B1a with a minimum grade of "C"
    • Math: Two years of high school algebra OR Math BD with a minimum grade of "C" or an equivalent score on the placement/assessment (Students will be required to complete an appropriate mathematics course listed in the general education pattern)
    • Reading: One of the following:
      Score Level 5 or 6 on College/Assessment Reading OR
      Completion of ACDV B50 with a “C” or higher OR
      Completion of all BC required courses
  5. BC offers two types of Associate Degrees
    • Associate in Arts (18-24 units major preparation)
    • Associate in Science (24-30 units major preparation)

    • Generally only one Associate In Arts degree may be earned at BC. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Office of Student Learning, 661-395-4305.
  6. How do students file for BC graduation?
    It is advisable that students do their own unofficial graduation check by using the what-if-degree evaluation. Students are only allowed to file for graduation during their final semester at BC. The following procedures must be followed.
    • Students must meet with a counselor or educational advisor to complete the appropriate paperwork. This should be done early in the final semester to assure meeting all deadline dates.
    • Contact the BC Counseling Center at (661) 395-4421 for scheduling information
    • A "What-If- Evaluation" can be obtained by logging into MyBanWeb and choosing a graduation evaluation for your major using a BC, CSU, or IGETC general educational pattern. Students should bring a printed copy of their "What-If Evaluation" for the semester, in which they are applying to graduate, to a counselor or advisor.
    • For students with disabilities or special accommodation needs, call (661) 395-4334 or contact DSPS in the FACE building, Room 16. 
    • For students on EOP&S, call (661) 395-4351, or contact the EOP&S Office in the Student Services building, room SS-182 reception area.
    • Students must file for graduation before the following deadline dates:
      Fall Graduation- Nov 1; Spring Graduation- April 1, Summer Graduation- June 1
    • NOTE:  If a student is completing his/her final coursework in the summer, but would like to participate in the once a year May commencement ceremony, please file for summer graduation before May 1.  
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