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Chapter 1 - Get Ready

  • Are your academic skills at a college level?
    • Your BC Assessment scores are simply a tool to help the college place you in the most appropriate courses for reading, writing and math.
  • Do you know what to expect at college?
  • Are you ready for the responsibilities that come with attending college?
These are some things you should be thinking about.
  1. What do you want?
    Still deciding on your goal?
    Job Skills Bakersfield College offers a variety of choices. You can:
    • Earn a degree or certificate.
    • Transfer to a 4-year university or college.
    • Update your job skills.
    • Take a class for fun.

  2. Fine Art video

  3. How is college different from high school
    High SchoolCollege
    -School 6 hours per day, 5 days per week. 12-18 hours per week. -Students can be attending courses by day, evening, online or by television.
    -The school year is 9 months long. -The academic year includes two 16-week semesters and a summer session.
    -Classes and schedules are chosen for you. -Arrange and register for your own schedule with help from a counselor/advisor if necessary.
    -Time is structured by others and teachers closely monitor your attendance. -You manage your own time and attendance.
    -You are not responsible for knowing what it takes to graduate. -You are expected to know the graduation and/or transfer requirements for your particular program.
    -Generally testing is subjective.-Often tested on your ability to apply what you’ve learned to new situations by problem solving.
    -Teachers check your completed homework. -Instructors seldom check your homework.
    -Teachers often provide you with information you missed when you were absent. -Instructors may not remind you of missed work, and they expect you to get notes from classmates for any classes you missed.
  4. BC Assessment:
    What does it mean for your college success?

    Academic skills assessment is designed to determine students’ entry level skills in reading, writing and math. The writing of an English essay may be required for placement in an English composition course. You want to be successful in college, and that means taking the courses that are appropriate for your current academic skills. Our basic skills assessments (reading, writing and math) are designed to recommend the best classes for you to start with in each of those areas.

    Please note that counselors may use other assessment information such as high school and college transcripts for English and math placement and it is important to bring these with you to your counseling appointment.
    1. Do I need to do an assessment?
      All new students should take assessment in order to be placed into the appropriate courses and to be eligible for priority registration. Students having college coursework in English and math MAY be exempt from some or all parts of assessment.
    2. Get a Good Night's Sleep
    3. How do I take an assessment?
      Attend a BC assessment
    4. Do I have to prepare for the assessment?
      No, but it is recommended that you get a good night of sleep prior to the assessment and plan on arriving 20 minutes before the assessment begins.
    5. I have a disability that makes test taking difficult; do you have a service to help me?
      Yes, students with verified disabilities should contact Disabled Student Programs & Services at Bakersfield College (395-4334) to arrange for an alternative assessment.
    6. English is not my first language, what do I do?
      Getting Started at BC if English is your second language.
    7. Do I really have to start at the level I placed into on the BC Assessment?
      We know that you want to be successful at Bakersfield College and studies have shown that students with strong basic skills in reading, writing and math are more successful. Many courses at Bakersfield College have mandatory prerequisites that can be met by high assessment scores or completion of basic skills courses. Counselors can help answer more specific questions regarding assessment scores.
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