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Chapter 2 - Get Successful

  1. Your responsibilities and rights

    You are responsible for:
    • Going to class.
    • Knowing that you cannot repeat a course at BC more than twice.
    • Communicating with your instructor.
    • Paying for your classes.
    • Being computer literate.
    • Keeping the college updated on any changes in your address, phone number or program/ major.
    • Dropping or withdrawing from a class before the deadline date if you don’t want the class.
    • Knowing the important dates and deadlines found in the Academic Calendar.
    • Knowing about the Student Code of Conduct and Student Rights and Responsibilities available in the Student Activities office.
  2. Time management

    Two hours of study for every hour of class Attending college changes your life.
    You will have to juggle school, family, work and other personal obligations.

    -The basic formula is two hours of study time is required for every hour in class.

  3. How long am I going to be here?

    • Take an Educational Planning course early in your college career or meet with a counselor to develop your SEP (Student Education Plan) to get better idea of how long it will take.
    • That depends on a number of things:
      • The number of credits/units required for your degree or certificate.
      • How many prerequisite courses you need.
      • How many credits/units you enroll in and complete each semester.
      • What your placement scores are.
      • How many credits/units count toward your degree vs. how many you’re taking for fun or to improve your skills.
  4. Although an Associate’s degree is considered a “two-year degree” most students take longer than that to finish due to work and other obligations.
  5. Resources to help

    Many resources are available for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!!


    • See a counselor.
      • They can help you in reaching your educational/career goals
      • What should I major in?
      • What courses do I need to reach my goal?
      • How do I decide what’s the best career for me?
      • How do I know what classes to take?
      • Do I need to attend a four-year college?
    • Counselors can help you:
      • Organize your time.
      • Learn study skill techniques.
      • Find ways to balance your role of student, parent, caregiver, spouse and/ or employee.
      • Help in times of personal crisis
    • More resources:Grace Van Dyke Bird Library
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