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Chapter 4 - Get Goals

  1. The college catalog

    Bakersfield Collegeís Catalog provides you with important information you need to get your degree or certificate.
    The Bookstore
    The catalog contains:
    • Course requirements for all the degree and certificate programs at Bakersfield College.
    • Every credit course offered and a short description including the number of credits and any prerequisites.
    • Policy information.
    • Different educational options.
    • Refund policies.
    • You can purchase a catalog at the bookstore for $7.50 or read it online.
    Note: Every course in the catalog is NOT offered each semester.
  2. Understanding degrees and certificates

    Academic Choices

    What Is a Program of Study (Major)?

    This is your area of interest, such as Business Administration, Nursing or Anthropology. Each program is listed in the College Catalog with the courses you will need to complete to receive an associate degree or certificate.

    What Is a Degree?

    A degree is earned upon the successful completion of specific courses for your program of study (major). An associate degree requires at least 60 college applicable course credits and at minimum 2.0 GPA. Consists of major classes, general education and electives.

    What Is a Certificate?

    Short-term program of study in a specific occupational area. Skills that could lead to employment or promotion within your current job. May serve as the first step toward completing an associate degree. Few if any general education courses are required.

    Types of Associate Degrees & Certificates

    Bakersfield College awards the following types of two-year Associate degrees and certificates.
  3. Why Should I Earn an Associate Degree?

    It can help you in a variety of ways to reach your lifeís goals.
    • Can help you qualify for a job or promotion.
    • A sense of completion.
    Transfer students are strongly encouraged to apply for an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts before transferring.
  4. The best way to plan your degree is with a Student Education Plan (SEP)

    Student Educational plans can be completed:
    • In a Educational Planning course
    • In a half-hour counseling appointment with a counselor
    • SEPís list the courses needed to obtain the studentís educational goal:
    • When designing your SEP, remember the following:
      • Be aware that some courses may have prerequisites
      • Students should take English, math and reading as soon as possible
        • These courses provide students with the basic skills needed for all other college courses.
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