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Chapter 5 - Get Classes

Once you have completed the steps below, it is time to develop your class schedule.
  1. Class Scheduling Tips

    • Register early for the best class selection.
      • Many classes fill quickly, and if you wait too long youíll miss out.
    • Take your most difficult classes when you are most alert.
    • When possible, schedule your classes with 30-90 minutes in between them.
      • Thatís a great time to review notes, study with classmates, etc.
    • Check the catalog to make sure the class will be offered in a particular semester.
  2. Planning Your Class Schedule

    • Try to plan your schedule to include both difficult and easy classes.
      • Work with a counselor to develop your SEP with all the classes youíll need to complete your degree or certificate.
    • Be flexible if you can in your willingness to take classes.
      • At different times.
      • In different modalities (television, online).
    • Allow plenty of time for travel and parking
    • Check before each semester to make sure:
      • There are no changes in the class time and location.
      • The class hasnít been cancelled.
  3. Reading the Class Schedule

    • The Schedule of Classes for each semester will let you know:
      • Which classes are offered each semester.
      • Location, time and professor teaching course.
    • There is a printed schedule online.
    • The most up-to-date class listing is found on BANWEB.
  4. Registration

    Registration is online only: The Bakersfield College student information system.
    • You can:
      • Access your grades, transcripts, semester schedule, and financial aid status.
      • Check your registration status
      • Register for classes
      • Check the class schedule for open sections
      • To access InsideBC, you must enter your student login and password.
      • To access BANWEB you must enter your ID# and PIN (if you do not have a student login and password)

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