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Chapter 7 - Get Connected

  1. Faculty support

    Faculty are student centered and helpful.
    • Contact a faculty member in your major for.
      • Help in a particular class.
      • Information about a major course of study.
      • Jobs, co-op or internships in your major.
    • Contact a counselor
  2. Make friends

    • Join a student club.
    • Participate in BC recreation activities.
    • Form study groups
  3. Athletics

    BC has teams which complete in intercollegiate events and club sports for both men and women. A few sports are:
      BC Football
    • Menís Baseball
    • Men and Womenís Basketball
    • Menís Football
    • Men and Womenís Tennis
    • Womenís Soccer
    • Menís Wrestling
    • Men and Womenís Golf
    • Womenís Softball
    • Men and Womenís Track and Field
    • Men and Womenís Cross-Country
  4. Fine and Performing Arts

    BC provides courses and experience in the fine and performing arts:
      Music Performance
    • Fall Shakespeare Festival
    • College theater productions
    • Courses in acting, studio art, photography, music performance and chorus
    • Jones Art Gallery
    BC Theatre Arts Department 395-4549
    BC Music Department 395-4404
    BC Art Department 395-4404
    Jones Art Gallery 395-4616
  5. Student publications

    BC offers opportunities in:
    • Writing.
    • Editing.
    • Publishing.
    Contact the Renegade Rip office Ė Student Newspaper at 395-4324
  6. Student Government

    Develop leadership skills
    • You have a voice at BC through recognized student government and student court.
    • For more information, contact the Dean of Students Office, 395-4614.

Click here to go to the online orientation QUIZ process!

If you receive a score of 70% or better, you will have successfully completed the Online Orientation Quiz.
You will NOT receive a confirming email when you have completed the orientation online. 

You may either attend a live person orientation
Check with your counselor or advisor two weeks after submitting the quiz if you have questions about clearance.


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