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Welcome to the Online New Student Orientation

How to complete the online New Student Orientation for Bakersfield College:
1. Read the chapters above to assist you in completing the Online Orientation Quiz.
2. View the New Student Orientation Video:

(or read the Transcript text of the New Student Orientation Video)
2. View the New Student Orientation PowerPoint presentation.
3. Complete the Online Orientation Quiz.

Please note: Only students who have completed an admission/update form are allowed to use the online orientation. Upon beginning the Orientation quiz, enter your college assigned Student ID and your PIN (the password you set up when you filled out the admissions/update form).

Forgot your PIN? The user Account Manager on the BC login webpage can be used to look up your Student/Employee User ID, change your password or change your security question. First time students are highly recommended to log into Banner to test your pin numbers prior to logging into orientation.


Welcome to Bakersfield College New Student Orientation! This orientation is designed to provide you the information you need to become a successful student. The chapters will cover the following:
  • Bakersfield College
  • Important policies and information
  • Resources to help you be a successful student
There is a quiz at the end of the chapters to verify that you have completed the Bakersfield College New Student Orientation. Remember to fill it out and submit the quiz in order to be cleared to register for classes. If you havenít already done so, filling out an admission/update form is your first step to getting started as a new Bakersfield College student.
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