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Probation/Disqualification Workshop

Creating College Success

Challenging situations arise for all college students at one time or another during their college experience. The following resources and support information is designed to help the student explore possible support resources on and off the campus to maximize their educational success at Bakersfield College.

On-Campus Support provides the following resources to students on the BC campus:

Academic - Career/Counseling/International and Disabled Students -
Jobs/Money/Other - Health/Stress Relief

Community Resources include the following assistance available in the community:

Living Assistance - Health/Medical Assistance - Legal Assistance - Counseling Services
Self Help Groups - Help Lines - Crisis Hot Lines

National Resources for Self-Help can be used to help students develop personal awareness. Students are encouraged to use the resources to develop strategies that promote personal growth, health choices, and creating a positive community on campus.

Alcohol/Drug Prevention - Mental Health/Suicide Prevention/Body Image -
Sexual Orientation/Sexual Concerns/HIV-AIDS - General Health Issues
On-Campus Support


Computer Literacy

It is impossible to complete college without computer skills. The following options are available to BC students who have little or no computer skills:

For students who are unable to keyboard by touch, the following courses are suggested:

Complete BSAD B2542a (keyboarding) and
COMS B52 (Intro to microcomputers and Windows XP)
Then enroll in COMS B57a, which starts later in a semester.
The above sequence can be completed within one semester.

For students keyboarding at 35 wpm, take the following courses:
COMS B52a (intro to microcomputers and Windows XP) Then enroll in COMS B52a, which starts later in the semester. The above sequence can be completed within one semester.

English Support Options
  • Meet with your instructor during their posted office hours
  • Tutoring Center (Learning Center)
  • Basic Skills Lab (Learning Center) ACDV B201b
  • Proof reading service (Learning Center)
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Learning Communities
Visit the Jerry Ludeke Learning Center Webpage for more information

Learning communities are designed to improve student success in college. If you would like to learn more about the possible options, please contact the Counseling Department. Math Support Options
  • Meet with your instructor during their posted office hours
  • Basic Skills Lab in the Jerry Ludeke Learning Center provides software tutorial through Math BA levels (basis algebra)
  • Drop-in tutoring in the Jerry Ludeke Learning Center (SS 140)
  • Informal tutoring in MS 18 (TWR)
  • Organize study groups
  • Useful math links
Study Skills and College Success:

BC Student Success site link.

BC Study Skills Courses and College Success classes:

ACDV B70A Time Management
ACDV B70B Note taking
ACDV B70C Textbook Reading
ACDV B70D Test Taking
ACDV B70E Memory
ACDV B70F Vocabulary

STDV B6  Tools for College Survival

Take the Study Skills Assessments below to help you study more effectively and efficiently:

Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire
Learning Styles Strategies

Other Study Skills Options
Study Guides and Strategies
CAS Workshops

Tutoring Services
The Tutoring Center located in the Jerry Ludeke Learning Center makes every effort to find tutors for most subjects.

Counseling/Careers/International &Disabled Students

Career Decision Making
If you are not certain about the career path you would like to embark upon, consider the following possibilities:

Make an appointment to meet with a counselor in the Counseling Department.
Enroll in STDV B2 Career Decision Making and Educational Planning
Visit the Bakersfield College Career Center in the Counseling Department

Counseling link

Crisis Counseling
If students are in immediate crisis, they can visit the Counseling Department and ask to speak with a counselor.

Disabled Student Programs & Services link

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Job Placement Center link

Money and Scholarships link

Apply for BC scholarships during the month of October. Applicat5ions are available at the Financial Aid Office.

Consider creating your own scholarships by talking with family, friends and employers.
Did you know they can provide a scholarship in your name by contacting the BC Financial Aid Office?
These scholarships can be a tax write off for the individual who wants to support your educational plans.

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Health/Stress Relief/Personal

Communication Skills
These courses might assist in developing your communication skills:
  • BUS B58 Human Relations/People Skills

  • COMM B23 Interpersonal Communication

  • COMM B8 Small Group Communication

  • Health Center link

    Stress Relief Being physically active can be one method of dealing with stress. The following Physical Education courses at BC might be options to consider:
  • PHED B32 (3units) Shape-up course combining physical fitness, nutrition and stress reduction.
  • PHED B6dwr ( 1 unit) Deep water running
  • PHED B3adp (1 unit) Adaptive PE for students with disabilities or injuries
  • PHED B6fcx (1 unit) BC Fitness Center--students can arrange their own hours
  • PHED B6hx (1 unit) Kickboxing, Yoga, Turbo-Kick, Pilates/Yoga and Swimming

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    Community Resources

    Living Assistance

    • PG&E CARE Program
      *Provides a 15% discount off of utility bill to low-income households*
    • Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)
      Provides once a year assistance for low–income households
    • Housing Authority Of Kern County
      (661) 631-8500
      601 24th Street
      Bakersfield ,CA 93301
      Provides low income public housing
    • Bakersfield Homeless Center
      (661) 322-9199
      1600 E. Truxtun Avenue.
      Bakersfield, CA 93305
      Provides overnight shelter, Two hot meals a day, Clothing Distribution, Personal Hygiene items, Restrooms and Showers, Mail Service, Transportation to job Interviews, Case management, Job Training and placement, GED, Literacy and Parenting classes
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    Health/Medical Assistance

    • BC Health Center
      Student Services 6
      General health services, Over-counter medication, Pregnancy tests, STD/HIV referral, Weight control, Campus accidents
    • Planned Parenthood
      (661) 634-1000
      2535 16th St. Suite 100
      Bakersfield, CA 93301
      Reproductive Services, STD screening and Treatment, Pre-natal education, Various Cancer screening
    • Medical/Dental Services
    • East Bakersfield Community Health Center
      (661) 322-7881
      815 Lakeview Avenue
      Bakersfield, CA 93307
      Counseling services, WIC, Case Management
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    Legal Assistance

    • Domestic Violence Self Help Center
      (661) 334-4663
      615 California Ave
      Bakersfield, CA 93304
      Provides various free legal assistance, Prepare and file petition for protective order, Assist with court process
    • Kern County Department of Child Support Services
      (661) 868-6500
      1300 18th Street
      Bakersfield, CA 93301
      Helps public Assistance and non-public assistance residents of Kern County establish the paternity of their child and pursue court ordered child support
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    Counseling Services

    • Alliance Against Family Violence
      (661) 322-0931
      1921 19th Street
      Bakersfield, CA 93301
      Counseling, Education, Family counseling, Child Abuse prevention, Domestic Violence prevention, Emergency Services for recent abuse
    • ***Alliance Against Family Violence Hotline
      (661) 327-1091
    • Kern County Mental Health
      (661) 868-8010
      P.O. Box 1000
      Bakersfield, CA 93302
      Provides individual, family and group therapy, case management and medication management, fees are covered by Medic-Cal or are charged on a sliding scale.
    • ***Crisis Hotline Kern County Mental Health
      (661) 868-8000
    • Child Guidance Center
      3628 Stockdale Hwy.
      Bakersfield ,CA 93305
      Provides Early Intervention Programs, Individual/family and group therapy, Parenting classes, case management
    • Ebony Counseling Center
      (661) 324-4756
      1301 California Ave.
      Bakersfield, CA 93304
      Provides affordable (Fees based on sliding scale) outreach programs Substance Abuse counseling, Family and child counseling, Job development, Parenting classes, HIV education, Pre-natal services, Individual and group services
    • Angel Steps Counseling Center
      (661) 395-0588
      1705 30th Street
      Bakersfield, Ca 93301
      Group, Individual therapy, Therapy for Crime Victims, Child counseling
    • East Bakersfield Community Health Center
      (661) 322-7881
      815 Lakeview Avenue
      Bakersfield, CA 93307
      Counseling services, WIC, Case Management
    • Haven Counseling
      (661) 327-4711
      730 Chester Avenue
      Bakersfield, CA 93304
      Parenting classes, Case Management, Family counseling
    • Memorial Center
      (661) 398-1800
      5201 White Ln.
      Bakersfield, CA 93309
      Counseling, Assessment, Psychological Services, Community Services
    • Crisis Stabilization Unit
      (661) 868-8000
      2151 College Ave
      Bakersfield, CA 93302
      Crisis Mental Health assessment and 23 hour care
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    Self Help Groups

    • Alateen/Alanon (661) 322-1102
      Provides services for teenagers/adults whose lives have been affected by a family member's or friend's alcohol use.
    • Alcoholic’s Anonymous (661) 322-4025
    • Narcotics Anonymous (661) 869-3356
    • Adults Molested As Children( AMAC) (661) 868-8282
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    Help lines

    • Kern County Collaborative
      (661) 392-8758
      Provides support and technical assistance to community groups, schools, individuals, and agencies who want to enhance the quality of life for children and families in our county.
    • Helpline
      Information and referral to provide answers to questions about available (up to date) services in Kern County Program links client to resources available in the community.
    • Warmline
      (661) 323-3531
      Warmline is an organization of volunteer mothers who conduct a telephone outreach service for families of young children.
    • Eating Disorders Awareness and Prevention
    • National Association for Anorexia Nervosa
    • California Rural Legal assistance Foundation Immigrant Info/hotline
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    Crisis Hot Lines

  • Rape/Family Violence
    • Alliance Against Family Violence 661-327-1091
    • Rape Hotline (Kern County) 661-324-7273
  • Mental Health/Suicide
    • Crisis Hotline Kern County Mental Health 1-800-991-5272
    • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline- Hotline for students in major crisis 1-800-784-2433
  • Kern County Victim-Witness Assistance (661) 868-4535
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    National Resources for Self-Help

    Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention

    College Drinking: Changing the Culture (NIAA)
    National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
    SMAMSHA National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information
    U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Tobacco

    Mental Health

    Anxiety Disorder Association of America (ADAA)
    Mental Help Net
    National Mental Health Information Center (SAMHSA)

    Body Image and Body Pride

    About Face promotes positive self-esteem
    Body Positive: Boosting Body Image at Any Weight
    Council on Size & Weight Discrimination
    International Size Acceptance Association
    National Women's Health Information Center: Body Image

    Suicide Prevention

    National Strategy for Suicide Prevention
    Suicide Awareness Voices of Education

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    Sexual Orientation/Sexual Concerns/HIV/AIDS

    Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues

    Gay and Lesbian National Hotline
    National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
    The National Coalition for LGBT Health

    Safer Sex, Sexual Health and STD's

    National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association
    Planned Parenthood Federation of America
    U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: STD's


    AIDS info

    Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence

    Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network
    Rape Treatment Center (RTC) at Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center
    Safe Horizon

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    General Health

    ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

    Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders


    American Cancer Society
    National Cancer Institute

    Eating Disorders

    Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center
    National Eating Disorders Association
    Something Fishy


    American Council on Exercise
    Stress Relief Exercises --Relieving Stress by Exercise


    Aim for a Healthy Weight
    Food and Nutrition Information Center

    Sleep Disorders
    National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute: Insomnia
    National Sleep Foundation
    Weight Management

    Shape Up America
    WIN: Weight Control Information Network

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