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BC Counseling Student Educational Plan PDF Instructions

There are three educational patterns that can be used for Student Educational Planning:

  1. Associate of Arts or Science (AA or ASPDF icon for AA or AS SEP
  2. California State University (CSU) PDF icon for CSU SEP
  3. Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) PDF icon for UC SEP
A Semester by Semester plan PDF icon for Semester by Semester plan is helpful for an overall view of courses needed.

The downloadable Adobe Acrobat Reader is a Portable Document Format (PFD) file viewer, which enables these forms to be filled in using a keyboard, saved, emailed as attachments, or to print your personal Student Educational Plan.

Go to BC catalog for course descriptions

To Fill Out a Student Educational Plan (SEP)

  1. Download (save) the PDF Student Educational Plan on your computer

  2. Fill out the form(s) using your keypad

  3. Be sure to name the file using your name (Example: joesmithAASEP)

  4. When printing Adobe PDF files, use the PDF print button on the Adobe Reader toolbar, not the browser print button. Print a copy for your records or to bring with you to a counseling appointment.

Adobe Print Icon


To Email a PDF Student Educational Plan (SEP) Form

  1. Open your email account

  2. Create an email to your instructor or counselor

  3. Attach your saved PDF Student Educational Plan

  4. Send email with attached PDF file*

*Note: Email attachments are not sent through a secured connection. Do not attach any information, such as your social security number, that you would not want anyone else to see. In place of your social security number, use your BC student identification number (@xxxxxxxx), which can be found under your personal information link when you log into Banner online where you register for classes at the Bakersfield College webpage.


Get the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader

PDF educational plans are designed for Adobe Acrobat Reader 8, 9, or later. Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader or update to version 9 of the Adobe PDF reader at


Visit for more information oh how to make PDF files more accessible to people with disabilities.


Disclaimer: It is the student's responsibility to maintain your SEP records. It is advised to keep your own copy because Bakersfield College does not store your SEP records.