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StudentWelcome to the Bakersfield College (BC) Online Academic Success Workshop.  The BC Counseling Department has created this workshop to assist students in understanding how successful behaviors can lead to a positive academic standing.  In this workshop, you will learn:

Upon successful completion of this workshop and quiz, you will be able to register for the upcoming semester. If you have already enrolled for the upcoming semester, completing this workshop will enable you to make changes to your schedule for the upcoming semester.  This workshop will take a minimum 90 minutes to complete.  It is important not to rush or skip sections, but read carefully. You will need access to a printer. (Note: All links open in a new window.)

In order to proceed, you must complete an Admissions Update form. This must be done every semester before registering for classes. Click here  to access the form:

If you do not know your PIN, click "Forgot PIN" and enter the correct answer to the security question.  If you enter the correct response, you will be given a new screen on which to enter a new PIN. If you disable your PIN after three attempts, you will need to go to the Admissions and Records office with a picture ID to have your PIN reset.

If at any point you are having difficulty understanding the material, not comfortable with an online format or passing the quiz, we strongly recommend that you stop and contact the Counseling Department to schedule a space in a group workshop.  

Group workshops are offered on the Bakersfield College main campus and at the Delano campus.  Students can reserve a seat in a 90-minute group workshop at the main campus by calling (661) 395-4421 or at the Delano campus by calling (661) 720-2000.  Workshop seating is limited, therefore children, family or friends are not permitted to attend.  You must check in 15 minutes before scheduled workshop.  Students arriving late will need to reschedule.

Note: After successfully completing this workshop, if you need assistance selecting courses, contact  the Counseling Department for drop-in dates, times, and or appointment schedules.

STOP! If you are on Academic Disqualification , DO NOT PROCEED with this probation workshop!  If you are uncertain of your academic standing, complete the following steps:

Students who have been disqualified must attend a group Disqualification Workshop. Students can reserve a seat in a Disqualification Workshop at the main campus by calling (661) 395-4421 or at the Delano campus by calling (661) 720-2000.  Workshop seating is limited, therefore children, family or friends are not permitted to attend.  You must check in 15 minutes before scheduled workshop.  Students arriving late will need to reschedule.


Getting Started


Before you begin, download and print a copy of each of these documents:

  • Repeat Petition form
  • Unofficial Transcript Click here, then put in your BC student ID and PIN to access and print your transcript

You may proceed once you have these documents printed.

Follow these steps

  1. Complete this workshop in its entirety
  2. Complete the Student Satisfaction survey at the end of the workshop
  3. Pass the quiz with a minimum score of 70% correct to have your Academic Status hold lifted
  4. Register and/or make changes to your schedule of classes on or after your registration date (if necessary)

Academic Standing


When is a student in good academic standing?
Students are in good academic standing when they have attempted 12 or more units, and have earned a minimum grade point average (G.P.A.) of 2.00 and/or have completed more than 50% of the courses attempted.

When is a student NOT in good academic standing?
Students are not in good academic standing when they attempted 12 units or more and have earned less than a 2.00 G.P.A. and/or have completed less than 50% of the courses attempted.

Note:  A student who is not in good academic standing will have a hold placed on their record until they participate in an online or group Academic Success Workshop. THE HOLD WILL PREVENT REGISTRATION at Bakersfield College, Porterville College and Cerro Coso College. Unit limits will also be enforced. 

Important:  You will need to complete an Online or on campus workshop EVERY semester until you are in good academic standing.


Bakersfield College has two types of probation

1. Academic Probation

          2. Progress Probation

Academic Probation

Students who have attempted 12 or more cumulative semester units, shall be placed on academic probation when they have earned a cumulative G.P.A below a 2.00.

For further information refer to the current Bakersfield College Catalog under the Admission and Registration section.


Success Tips to Get Off Academic Probation

Note: Students who have been placed on academic probation for 3 consecutive semesters, shall be disqualified for admission to classes the following semester, unless during the last semester of enrollment, the student earned a 2.00 G.P.A. or higher, in which case the student shall be placed on Academic/Continued Probation.

Progress Probation

A student who attempted at least 12 cumulative semester units, shall be placed on Progress Probation when the percentage of all units for which entries of 'W', 'I', 'NC', 'NP', reaches or exceeds 50%.  For example:  if you enroll in 15 units for the Fall term, and only pass 6 units at the end of the term, you will be placed on Progress Probation because you completed LESS than 50% of what you attempted.


Success Tips to  Get Off Progress Probation:

Note: Students, who are placed on progress probation for 3 consecutive semesters, shall be disqualified for admission to classes the following semester, unless during the last semester of enrollment the percentage of units with entries of 'W', 'I', 'NC', or 'NP' was less than 50%, in which case the student shall be placed on continued probation.  All disqualified students must plan early to attend a group workshop to learn criteria for reinstatement in future terms. For more information contact the Counseling Department at (661) 395-4421, or the Delano Center at (661) 720-2000.

Grade Point Average

The cumulative BC institutional grade point average (GPA) consists of all your courses at BC, except "I", "W", "NC" and "NP".

For Information on how to calculate your grade point average (G.P.A.) click here

Academic Renewal Policy

What is the Academic Renewal Policy?  It is a policy to help students disregard grades used in  their G.P.A calculation for courses they took in the past at Bakersfield College. This policy is intended for students who do not wish to repeat nor need these courses for their current educational goal.  Students may submit a request to have a maximum of 20 units of substandard grades ('D', 'F', 'NC' or 'NP') under the following conditions:

Repeat Policy for Special Student Populations

Three Time Repeat Policy
If you fail or withdraw from the same class twice, you must go to the Department Chairperson to obtain a Request to Repeat a Course Beyond the Limit form.  NOTE: You will only get 3 chances to repeat a class.

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that you repeat courses that you failed that are required for your major or general education and NOT list them on the Academic Renewal Request form.

Reasons for probation

Take a moment to think about your last semester or semesters

What are the reasons you did not pass your classes?  Be honest with yourself.

We will discuss the behaviors and choices students make that lead to success in the next sections

The following sections listed  below are included to assist students in how to more effectively manage your time, change unsuccessful behaviors and seek support from on campus resources.

Time Management


Many students fail in college because they underestimate how much time is required for studying.  As a general rule, your college instructors expect you to study 2 hours for every hour you are in class.  So, for a 3 unit class you need to set aside 6 hours of study time a week. If you are enrolled as a fulltime student, registered in 12 units, that equates to 24 hours of study time each week.  If you add the weekly hours you are in class (12 units) to the weekly hours of study (24 hours)  they add up to 36 hours a week.  You can see that attending college fulltime is like having a fulltime job (see chart below).

If students work 40 hours per week in addition to attending class, it is recommended that they take no more than 2 classes a semester (6-7 units) maximum.

Time is a limited resource.  We all have 24 hours a day, no more, no less.  Learn to manage your time and plan for studying and you will realize how much more you can accomplish by practicing effective time management.

Total Work Hours Per Week Recommended Number

Of Classes
Per Semester
Estimated Study Time

In hours
40 1-2 2-12
30 2-3 12-18
20 3-4 18-24
10 4-5 24-30
0 4-6 24-36


Time Management Tips:

  • Purchase a daily planner

  • Use your daily planner to outline class times, study time and other commitments,

  • Write down due dates, test/quiz dates, work hours and any other activities in your planner
  • Review your planner daily
  • Plan to study

Student Support at BC


College courses can be challenging, but BC offers support services that can help you. Over 70% of California Community College students assess below college level in either Reading, Mathematics or Writing/English (or Basic Skills/Academic Development courses).


Stategies for Success

You can commit today to change your behavior and work toward success!!!

Success Behaviors

 Choose behaviors from those listed below to ensure your success:

Click here for additional success tips

Planning for Change

“What is holding you back from making a change?”

“What can you give up to make time for college and studying?"

“Is there anything you can make less of a priority, so that you can accomplish your goal of a college education?”

“Do you see a pattern emerging?”

Required Required Activity:
Review your unofficial transcript and circle all "D" and "F" grades.  If needed, complete the Repeat Petition form and Academic Renewal form.

If you have previously submitted a Repeat Petition or an Academic Renewal form, there will be an asterisk (*) noted in front of the grade on your transcript.  This indicates that the grade is no longer calculated in your g.p.a.


NOTE:  Before repeating general education or major courses and if you assessed below college level in Math, Writing/English and Reading you are strongly encouraged to take these courses prior to general education and major courses.   If you are unsure of your assessment scores, we recommend you meet with an educational advisor to determine your results.

Required   Required Activity:  
Look at your unofficial transcript. Write down those courses that you need to repeat in order to complete your educational goal and to improve  your cumulative grade point average (g.p.a.).



Learning More....



Managing school, work, relationships, family and a personal life, while remaining physically and psychologically healthy can be challenging.  Disruptive events can occur when we least expect them.  Making wise choices may minimize poor grades, stress and financial consequences.

Click here for additional campus and community resources.

Clearing Your Hold

Click here to complete the short Student Satisfaction Survey
Required Activity: Click here to take the Probation Workshop Quiz

You must complete the quiz with a minimum score of 70% correct in order for your Academic Standing hold to be immediately lifted for the next semester, and you will be allowed to register for classes or make adjustments to your current schedule. 

If you do not pass with a 70% correct, you will not be allowed to register for classes.   You have two options

1. Repeat the workshop and repeat the quiz or

2.  Attend a 90 minute group probation workshop on the main campus

If further assistance is needed regarding classes, please send a brief  email  including your BC ID# to: 



NOTE:  Remember you must complete a Probation Workshop EVERY semester that you are on probation.

It is recommended that if you have questions on selection of classes, majors, transfer process, etc. that you plan to visit the Counseling Department during non-peak times (September-Mid November or February - Mid April; limited counseling services are available during the summer).

"Act as if it were impossible to fail."

~Dorothea Brande