The IGETC Pattern 2012-2013
Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC)
The IGETC is a general education pattern that will fulfill all lower division general education requirements at all California State University (CSU) campuses and most University of California (UC) campuses/majors. It is also accepted by some private/independent or out-of-state universities. IGETC is usually recommended for students who intend to transfer to a UC campus, or who are not yet sure of their intended transfer university. Completion of the IGETC pattern is not an admission requirement for transfer to most UC or CSU campuses, nor is it the only way to fulfill the lower division GE requirements of a UC or CSU campus prior to transfer.

It is strongly recommended that students consult with a counselor to determine which general education pattern is most appropriate for their individual educational goals.

Rules for using the IGETC pattern
Each course must have been IGETC approved at the time it was taken. See for a list of certified courses and approval dates.

Courses may be approved for more than one IGETC area. However, each course may be used to certify only one of the areas it is approved for.

Students should apply for IGETC certification at the last community college attended prior to transfer. Forms are available under Admissions and Records, Other Forms or at Window 6 in the Office of Admissions and Records.

AP credit and coursework completed at accredited U.S. colleges and universities may be used to fulfill some IGETC requirements. All such credit must be evaluated through Admissions and Records. Foreign coursework is not acceptable.

All courses must be passed with a "C" or higher, "C-" is not acceptable.

Students transferring to UC need not complete the Oral Communication requirement (Area 1c).

Students transferring to CSU need not complete the Languages Other than English requirement

Some UC campuses do not allow use of IGETC for students who were previously enrolled at a UC campus.

Some community college courses have limitations on the amount of credit awarded by the receiving university. See a counselor, the course description in the college catalog, or for more information.

The IGETC Pattern
Area 1. English
Communication: A minimum of nine units required; choose one from each group. Note: Students transferring to the UC do not have to meet the oral communication requirement or the unit requirement of Area 1.

Group A:
English Composition: one course, three semester/four to five quarter units. ENGL B1a

Group B:
Critical Thinking-English Composition: one course, three semester/four to five quarter units. Courses must have English Composition as a prerequisite.
AP credit may not be used.

Group C: Oral Communication: one course, three semester/four to five quarter units. COMM B1, B2,
B4, B8

Area 2.Mathematical Concepts and Quantitative Reasoning: one course, three semester/4-5 quarter units.
MATH B1aB1b, B2, B6a, B6b, B6c, B6d, B6e, B22, B23; PSYC B5

Area 3: Arts and Humanities:
At least three course, nine semester/12-15 quarter units. At least one course from the arts and one from the humanities.
A. Arts:
B1, B2
, B4, B35, B36, B37  
MUSC B2, B4a, B4b, B21a, B21b, B22, B23, B27
B12a, B20, B31, B32

B: Humanities:
B2, B3;
CHST B30a, B30b, B33
B1b, B5a, B5b, B10,
B20a, B21, B23, B27, B28, B30a,B30b
B2, B3, B4a, B4b, B15B17a, B17b, B18, B20a, B20b, B25, B30a, B30b, B33, B36
MUSC B24; PHIL B6a, B10, B18, B32, B33B37


UC Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) 2012-2013 Continued

Area 4: Social and Behavioral Sciences: At least three courses, nine semester/12-15 units. Courses from at least two disciplines or an interdisciplinary sequence.
B2, B3, B5
CHST B30a, B30b, B33, B36

HIST B1, B2, B3, B4a, B4b, B15B17a, B17b, B18, B20a, B20b, B25, B30a, B30b, B33, B36

POLS B1, B2, B3, B16
PSYC B1a, B6, B20, B33, B40
SOCI B1B2, B20, B28, B36, B45

Area 5. Physical and Biological Sciences:
The IGETC physical and biological science area requires a minimum of two courses, one physical science and one biological science course and at least one of the two must include a laboratory, seven to nine semester/nine to twelve quarter units. Physical and biological science courses that include a laboratory component are listed below in C.

A. Physical Sciences:

B1, B2, B3
B1A(L), B2a(L), B11(L), B18(L)
GEOG B1, B1(L),
B10, B10(L), B11, B11(L)
PHYS B2a(L), B4a(L)

B. Biological Science:

BIOL B3a(L), B3b(L), B7(L), B11(L), B16(L), B20(L), B32(L), B33(L)

C. Laboratory
BIOL B3a, B3b, B7, B11, B16, B20, B32, B33;
CHEM B1A, B2a, B11, B18; CRPS B10; ERSC B10, B10L; GEOG B1, B1L; GEOL B10 & B10L, B11 & B11L; PHYS B2a, B4a

Area 6. Language Other Than English (LOTE). UC Requirement Only. In order to complete IGETC for the University of California system, students are required to demonstrate competence/proficiency  in a language other than English equal to two years of high school study. Competency may be demonstrated through the following mechanisms:

1. Completion of two years of the same foreign language of high school level work with grades of "C" or better;
2. Completion of a course of courses at a college or university, with a grade of "C:" or better in each course. Usually, one semester of college work in a language other than English is equivalent to two years of high school work. And of the following course or courses completed with a grade of "C" or better will fulfill the requirement.
6A. Languages Other Than English
ASL B1, B2, B3, B4
FREN B1, B2,

RUSS B1ab;
SPAN B1ab, B2ab, B3, B4, B10