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Campus -wide Strategies 

These strategies target a campus-wide effort with expectations made clear by  both administration and faculty. Because assessment directly impacts teaching and learning in the classroom faculty must be the major drivers in determining outcomes, testing tools, and reporting methods. However, no assessment effort will survive without adequate and active administrative support regarding funding, workload considerations, resources, and closing the loop.

General Education Initiatives

Some campus-wide initiatives start by assessing the General Education Curriculum, which cuts across nearly every department or program. Initiatives at this level require intensive cross disciplinary discussion and participation. General Education is that course of study often referred to as Liberal Studies or Inter-Disciplinary Studies. These are the core studies for most discipline specific degrees. Initiating General Education Assessment requires clearly defined Student Learning Outcomes for the General Education Program of study.

Examples of General Education Student Learning Outcomes from a variety of campuses.

Assessment Methods for General Education Programs


ACCJC-WASC Specific General Education Considerations

Institutional Effectiveness Initiatives

Another campus-wide initiative approaches assessment from the Institutional Effectiveness Perspective.

James O. Nichols has produced numerous books on strategies that target an institutional effectiveness strategy.

Intensive assessment institute training - Modesto Junior College - Bill Scroggins

Institutional Effectiveness led implementation - Bakersfield College -  Chris Romanowich

Assessment Committee led implementation - Southern Illinois UniversityEder, Suskie,




Janet Fulks
Assessing Student Learning in Community Colleges (2004), Bakersfield College