Assessing Student Learning in Higher Education

   Section 1

Section 2
 Background and Rationale for Assessment

Section 3
 Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)
Defining SLOs
Defining Terms
Objectives & SLOs
Sample SLOs
SLOs & Learning Domains
Writing SLOs
Evaluate the section

Section 4

Assessment Tools and Data

Section 5
Course Assessment

Section 6
Program Assessment


Section 7
Closing the Loop

Section 8
Implementing Assessment Training on Campus


Section 9
References & Resources



Using Materials from this Website


SLO or Objective?

The statements below were written for programs and courses. Analyze the statements to determine whether they are goals, objectives, or student outcomes. Write G for goals, OB for objectives and SLO for student learning outcome in front of the statement.


(Engineering course) This course introduces senior engineering students to design of concrete components of structure and foundation and integrate them into overall design structures.


(History course) The student is able to function in teams.


(Engineering course) Functioning as a member of a team, the student will design and present a concrete structure which complies with engineering standards.


(Geography course) This course will develop perspectives on GIS for representing data, information, knowledge interplay among reality, database, and map display.


(Epidemiology course) Define and assess an epidemic for a given population and recommend factors influencing the use of health services.


(Ecology course) Critically review and synthesize the findings in scientific literature  and make appropriate ecological recommendations based on current knowledge.


(Sociology course) Students will understand that individuals (and their families) must be regarded uniquely as individuals with many contributing variables such as  multicultural issues.


(Gen Ed. Communication course) In addition to interpersonal communication, we will cover key issues in contemporary mass media, with an emphasis on the nature of media competition, entertainment and news, movies, television, newspapers and the Internet.


(Immunology course) This course will provide students with a medically relevant foundation of knowledge regarding the components and basic principles of the immune system and the vocabulary and language of immunology.


(Math course) Given data students will analyze information and create a graph that is correctly titled and labeled, appropriately designed, and accurately emphasizes the most important data content.

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Resources and Links


There are numerous sample SLOs, Goals and Objectives online.


Janet Fulks
Assessing Student Learning in Community Colleges (2004), Bakersfield College