Assessing Student Learning in Higher Education 

Section 1

Section 2
 Background and Rationale for Assessment

Section 3
 Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)
Defining SLOs
Defining Terms
Objectives & SLOs
  Sample SLOs
SLOs & Learning Domains
Writing SLOs
Evaluate the section

Section 4

Assessment Tools and Data

Section 5
Course Assessment

Section 6
Program Assessment


Section 7
Closing the Loop

Section 8
Implementing Assessment Training on Campus


Section 9
References & Resources



Using Materials from this Website


Sample SLOs

Assume that a faculty member has been drafting SLOs and asked you for feedback. Print off the SLO checklist found at the link on the left.


Select 2 DRAFT SLOs from below.


Think of questions you could ask the faculty member that might clarify the SLO.


Suggest some modifications to the language.

Upon completing this course or program students will:

  1. Improve their ability to read, listen to, and/or follow directions.
  2. Design experiments and interpret data according to the scientific method in order to evaluate a hypothesis. 

  3. Write papers that


develop a thesis


present coherent and logical claims


are organized with clear links between claims and support


are well developed with sufficient and relevant evidence


use standard American English correctly


make stylistic choices in persona, syntax, and diction


gauge the needs of and address a specific audience


  1. Faculty and staff will demonstrate knowledge of disabilities and accommodations and services available for students in the DSP&S program.


  1. Demonstrate Social responsibility.


  2. Apply graphing capabilities of the spreadsheet software to visually enhance the presentation of results obtained from analytical tasks.

After analyzing the SLOs above click here to see what other faculty have commented concerning these SLOs.

Proceed to SLOS and Learning Domains

Resources and Links


SLO checklist

Word Document for Printing SLO Checklist


Janet Fulks
Assessing Student Learning in Community Colleges (2004), Bakersfield College