Potential Matrix Problems

Hypothetical Matrix of Course Activities and SLOs

Activity SLO 1 SLO 2 SLO 3 SLO 4 SLO 5 SLO 6
Quiz 1 F F        
Quiz 2     F F F  
Exam 1 F F F F   F
Exam 2   F        
Final S     S   S
Team Project     S      
Oral Report   S        

Check the matrix for multiple opportunities for the student to receive formative feedback to improve, as well as variety in the types of assessment. Do you see any problems?


1) In the matrix above SLO 5 is never summatively assessed.

2) The first exam is the only formative assessment indicated for SLO6 and then it is summatively assessed on the final. This may not be adequate to help students develop unless the exam results are used in a significant way that will be remembered for the final.

3) The essay does not seem to serve a purpose related to the SLOs. This may mean: 1) that the essay assignment needs to be redefined, or 2) that there is an important SLO that relates to the essay activity that has been left out, or 3) that one of the SLOs needs to be modified. Checking your course goals and expectations should help resolve this situation.

Below is an example with an actual course matrix. Please take into consideration the fact that the course below meets 9 hours per week (3 hours lecture and two 3-hour labs per week) allowing a lot of activity and contact time. Below the matrix is a list of the course SLOs for reference.

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