Draft Student Learning Outcomes for Microbiology B16


Specific Outcomes

Summative Assessment Method

Knowledge/ Cognitive

Following Completion of the Microbiology Course (B16) students will be able to:


Cell Theory


Use examples of infections, treatment, and epidemiologic control to compare and contrast the characteristics of prions, viruses, bacteria, protozoans, and multicellular parasites.

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Microbial Interactions

Explain the dynamics of commensal and pathological relationships that occur between microbes and humans.

Take home case study  question for final exam

Microbial Control

Evaluate methods of microbial control and apply the proper methods necessary when given a scenario. 

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on final exam

Microbial Metabolism

Briefly describe sample metabolic pathways found in microorganisms and their implications for food production and human disease.

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Microbial Genetics

Summarize basic bacterial genetic principles and analyze implications for mutation, genetic recombination, and bacterial control.

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Immune Response

Articulate and diagram the role of the immune system in maintaining homeostasis, challenging infections, and fighting cancer.

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Skills/ Psychomotor

Following Completion of the Microbiology Course (B16) students will be able to:


Scientific Method Application

Apply the scientific method by stating a question; researching the topic; determining appropriate tests; performing tests; collecting, analyzing, and presenting data; and finally proposing new questions about the topic.

One team & one individual
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Lab Safety Skills

Correctly perform microbiologic lab skills and display a habit of good lab practices which extends to relevant situations in the studentís homes.

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Attitudes and behavior/ Affective

Following Completion of the Microbiology Course (B16) students will be able to:


Appraisal of microbiologic information

Retrieve, evaluate, and use microbiologic information regarding contemporary issues in the world and relevant to their everyday lives.

Project - Microbiologic Pamphlet or 3 D project

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