Assessing Student Learning in Higher Education

   Section 1

Section 2
Background and Rationale for Assessment

Section 3
Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Section 4
Assessment Tools and Data

Section 5
Course Assessment

Section 6
Program Assessment


Section 7
Closing the Loop

Section 8
Implementing Assessment Training
Vehicle for Implementation
The Core Committee
Assessment Audit
Campus-wide Logistics

Training Leaders
Campus Training
Closing the Loop
Sustaining Assessment

Section 9
References & Resources



Using Materials from this Website

Step 3: Assessment Audit

Step 3: Conduct an Assessment Audit.

Have department chairs, deans, and managers document assessment activities currently taking place on campus. RP developed an assessment checklist which BC adapted. Use and modify these forms to conduct your own assessment audit

Determine what processes already align with the WASC standards.

Catalogue types of evidence and assessment data easily available on campus (i.e. in vocational areas or for grants) or through the state chancellorís office. Make this available campus-wide.

Identify faculty with expertise (cognitive measurement, statistical or research skills, learning specialists) for example:

         English and Math faculty are often experienced in pre-collegiate assessment or placement testing - some of these tools can be used again as post tests.

         Vocational faculty are very skilled in meeting professional outcomes and preparing for board examinations.

         Psychology faculty are often skilled in cognitive assessment methods.

         Math and psychology faculty, as well as institutional researchers, have expertise in statistics.

         Science faculty and institutional researchers have skills in research project design.

         Education and Basic Skills faculty have training in articulating student outcomes.

         Faculty with rubric experience.

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Resources and Links

BC Assessment Audit for Academic Units

BC Assessment Audit for Administrative and Support Units

Oregon State Student Affairs Assessment Audit



WASC-ACCJC Standards



Janet Fulks
Assessing Student Learning in Community Colleges (2004), Bakersfield College