Remuneration or Incentive Possibilities

Adjust the number of office hours required for a year instead of 5 office hours per week, require only 4 for student conferences and make one hour for assessment preparation, implementation, & analysis.

Provide meals for workshops and retreats.

Send faculty and staff to assessment conferences IUPUI, AAHE, AACU.

Purchase and provide assessment texts for individual faculty that request them.

Update personal computers or provide laptops to facilitate assessment procedures.

Recognize and officially appoint assessment mentors.

Provide reassign time for mentoring or assessment projects.

Create assessment grants have faculty and staff apply for specifically funded assessment projects.

Count training as FLEX time and pay hourly wages for training beyond required FLEX time.

Provide stipends for faculty involved in guiding the projects, as you would for faculty involved in accreditation.

Create incentives for first time completed products (for instance $50 for each set of complete class SLOs, $100 for assessment plans, $150 for the first assessment report). Subsequent courses will be easy once the inertia required to a course is completed.

Encourage team teaching (and pay both faculty members adequately) that targets assessment practices in key courses.

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