Assessing Student Learning in Higher Education

Section 1

Section 2
Background and Rationale for Assessment

Section 3
Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Section 4
Assessment Tools and Data

Section 5
Course Assessment

Section 6
Program Assessment


Section 7
Closing the Loop

Section 8
Implementing Assessment Training
Vehicle for Implementation
The Training Committee
Assessment Audit
Campus-wide Logistics

Training Leaders
Campus Training
Closing the Loop
Sustaining Assessment

Section 9
References & Resources



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Step 8: Sustaining Assessment

Evaluate the training. Revise and modify the training using feedback and outcomes results.

Make training and updating available every year; catch those that want to begin after they have seen the outcomes.

Make improving learning an institutional goal, recognize and communicate.

Link future budgeting, employee time and attention, recognition and other resources to those areas that  show improvement. Improvement is the major purpose for assessment.

When improvement is documented, make it public to the community, students, faculty and staff.

Document the steps used to implement assessment create a history of what has been done, share it a conference and with other institutions.

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BC History of Assessment - the exercise was very helpful

Center for Student Success


Janet Fulks
Assessing Student Learning in Community Colleges (2004), Bakersfield College