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Phil Mesel
BMIT (Computer Studies)

Bakersfield College


Updated: August 25, 2013


Location:  B 14(BC main campus, Business Building
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Phone:     661.395.4313

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COMS B2 - Introduction to Computer Information Systems

COMS B5 - Introduction to Microcomputer Microsoft Office 2010

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COMS B2 - Introduction to Computer information systems (3 units)

Introduction to the concepts of electronic data processing and the use of computer systems as problem-solving tools in business, economics, mathematics, and the sciences. Includes the history of data processing, computer system components, and sequential and direct-access processing. Database management systems, teleprocessing, and distributed processing are covered. An overview of personal computer applications software (word processing, electronic spreadsheets, and personal database management systems) is also included. Prerequisite: Minimum one year of high school algebra or MATH A (may be taken concurrently) or evaluation by instructor. Hours: (81) 3 lect. CCS: Occupational Education. Transferable: UC, CSU and private colleges. Note: Formerly CIS 1.

Phil’s class: TTh 8 – 9:25 am, B8; Colleen’s class:  9:35 - 11 am, B8

I team teach these sections of COMS B2 with Colleen Mesel, using a multimedia approach. All presentations (including text, graphics, sound, animation, and full-motion video) are done through a PC with large-screen projection system.

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COMS B5 - Introduction Microcomputer Microsoft Office 2010 (3 units)

Intended for home users and business people who desire a working knowledge of personal computer hardware and software. Special emphasis on software that is most widely used in Kern County as well as the nation. Mainly focuses on business and home applications of personal computers. Hands-on training with word processing, spreadsheets, database management systems, and the necessary operating system fundamentals to use the listed application software.Recommended: Reading Level 1. Hours: (81) 3 lect.  CCS: Occupational Education. Transferable: CSU and private colleges. Note: Formerly CIS 25.

MW 8 – 9:25 am, 9:35 - 11 am in room B11, 2:36pm – 4pm in room B2
and Online

Online COMS B5

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Personal Information:

    AS - Mathematics - Bakersfield College
    BS - Mathematics with Concentration in Computer Science - California State University, Bakersfield
    Master (8th Degree Black Belt) - Kung-Fu San Soo
     Principal Systems Analyst/ Programmer - Manager   -  12 years
     Professor, Computer Studies  -  
     Owner/ Instructor - East Hills Kung-Fu San Soo - Since 1993

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