Hi Everyone,

            Here on some highlights for Week 5 (2/13-2/16) of the semester:

            M:    Handback Diagnostic Essay: Discuss Grading Codes
BFJ: (pp. 84-135) Watch 2nd part of film

             T:   Handback Diagnostic Essay: Discuss Grading Codes
                    See more of film: Start Movie Review Quotes (30 pts)
                    Frag worksheet finished
                    Written Response 1  (due by Thursday)

             W:  Written Response 1 DUE
                    See more of film 
Kovic Quiz 2: Bring Scantron 815-E
WR: G5a-d “Sentence Fragments” (pp. 259-65)
DL: Bring G5.1,2,4,5,6 Fragment
(Download from A Writer’s Reference homework link)

           Th:   Finish book & film
Kovic Quiz 3: Bring Scantron 815-E 
                    QUIZ: Lecture terms weeks 1-4, fragments)
G5.1,2,4,5,6 Fragment DL DUE


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