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            Schedule for Week SIX (the last week!) of the summer session:

           M 7/18:  Class Cancelled                      

           T 7/19:  O’Brien Quiz 4: stories 12-17 (bring Scantron 815-E)
                         Take home S/V-Prn Quiz DUE

WR: P1& P2 “Commas” (pp. 317-333) Part 1
Group Presentation #2 (Groups 1-3)
Bring your O'Brien Sources 

           W 7/20: O’Brien Quiz 4: stories 18-22 (bring Scantron 815-E)
Rough Draft of O'Brien Paper DUE
  WR: P1& P2 “Commas” (pp. 317-333) Part 2
  Group Presentation #2 (Groups 4-6)
                          Final Exam Review
                          Comma Quiz

            Th 7/21: Final Draft of O'Brien Paper DUE
O'Brien Outline DUE
                           Comprehensive Final Exam (Bring 882-E Scantron)

       Final Exam Review
      O'Brien Final Draft Considerations  

      Citing Sources in O'Brien Paper/Sample Works Cited Page                    

     O'Brien Personal Interview Form

Engrade Log-in

            Rules For Revision

             Forwarding your BC Email

              FREE Helpful Resources available to all students at Bakersfield College     

              Habits of Mind (Check out these habits on how to succeed at BC!)  


























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