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   English B53:  Reading, Reasoning, and Writing  


Fall 2016 Course Guidelines

Fall 2016 Course Calendar

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Required Texts:                                                        


Hacker, Diana  and Nancy Sommers. A Writer's Reference with Exercises. 8th Edition  (ISBN:  978-1-4576-8654-2)  

Kovic, Ron.
Born on the Fourth of July. Akashic Books. 2005 Edition  (ISBN: 978-1-888451-78-8)

O'Brien, Tim. The Things They Carried. 2009 Edition  (ISBN: 978-0-618-70641-9)

Any College Level Dictionary (as recent as possible)  

*Born on the Fourth of July 1989, directed by Oliver Stone & starring Tom Cruise: Film on DVD or streaming usually somewhere
(Optional but recommended)


Videos & Multimedia:

Draft Dodgers

Map of British Imperialism

Jeff Bliss Teaching Lesson

Ron Kovic Addressing War Resistors

Ron Kovic 2009                   

Ron Kovic & Bruce Springsteen

Online Writing Resources: 

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary        4 Prewriting Strategies    Prewriting Power Point

Writing Lab and Grammar Help          Writing for College

Grammar Girl: Quick & Dirty Tips       A Short Guide to Writing in College

A Guide to Grammar and Writing 



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