Eduspace Instructions for Online Homework

For Passkey click here. You will need course number below.

Link on textbook name from syllabus or just click here.

On the Houghton Mifflin Main web page-Scroll down to order textbook ($165.56) OR eBook ($83.96). Textbook is available at BC bookstore. EBook must be purchased online. EBook can be referenced directly from homework problems to the section that talks about a particular problem. 

Click on the red Eduspace link above to purchase your passkey ($35.16) using the link on the left. You will need a unique passkey to do and submit homework problems on line. Your homework will be automatically graded and your score will be submitted to the instructor.  If you need assistance getting the passkey you can call the Eduspace support center at 1-800-732-3223 x1.  The ISBN number you can use for the passykey is
ISBN 10 - 0618752870.

From the red Eduspace link above create an account by clicking Register Now. You will need to know the course number KIMBA-037F589D514184 and your passkey to get an account and enroll in a course.

Thereafter when you click on the red Eduspace link above and login, you will come to your Eduspace main page and you can click on your course, Chemistry 1A F2007 BC. You will come immediately to the homework page. Select the chapter for the homework. Do the problems in the sections assigned and submit them.  Be sure of your answers since you will be given only one chance to submit answers.  Remember significant figures.  You may want to copy the problems down and write out the answers before submitting them.  Then you will have a record of your homework to study from.  Homework problems will be due at the beginning of the next lecture they are assigned.  Late homework will not be accepted for any reason.  Once the final homework assignments for a particular chapter (2 homework assignments per chapter) are/ due, access to homework will no longer be available. 

For further study and review, click on the course materials link on the left side of the homework page, click on the chapter of interest, and then click on the bottom link "Learn on Your Own".  You will have access to tutorials, visualizations, illustrated video lectures (you may need to download the free version of Real Player--you don't need the 14 day free trial version), ACE practice tests and flash cards. 

You can also visit the online study center by clicking here which has other study resources you can explore.  From the select box just choose the chapter you want to explore.