C1   An Introduction to Chemistry   (podcast 1) (podcast 2)
C2   Atoms, Molecules, and Ions     (podcast 1) (podcast 2)
C3   Calculations with Chemical Formulas and Equations (podcast 1) (podcast 2) 
C4   Chemical Reactions   (podcast 1) (podcast 2)  
(Videos: Dissolution of Solid, Rxns of Silver, Ammonia Fountain, Neutralization of Acid, Lime Water, Thermite, Zinc and Iodine)

C5   The Gaseous State   (podcast 1) (podcast 2) 
(Videos:  Collapsing Coke Can, Boyle's Law 1, Boyle's Law 3, Microscopic Charles' Law, Charles' law, Liquid Nitrogen, Ideal Gas Law, Kinetic Molecular Theory, Molecular Motion, Molecular Motion Again, Diffusion of Gas, Diffusion of Gas Again, Effusion of Gas,
C6   Thermochemistry  (podcast 1) (podcast 2) 
(Videos:  Kinetic MT and Heat Transfer, Work vs Energy Flow, Hess' Law)
C7   Quantum Theory of the Atom  (podcast 1) (podcast 2)
(Videos:  Electmag Radiation, Photoelectron Effect, Non-hydrogen atoms)
C8   Electron Configurations and Periodicity (podcast 1) (podcast 2)
(Videos:  Orbital Energies)
C9   Ionic and Covalent Bonding   (podcast 1)  (podcast 2)
C10 Molecular Geometry and Chemical Bonding Theory
(podcast 1) (podcast 2)  (Videos:  Iodine Pentafluoride, Polar Molecules, sp hybrid, sp2 hybrid, sp3 hybrid, carbon double bond, s orbitals, pi bond anti bonding, Molecular Orbital Diagram
C11 States of Matter; Liquids and Solids  
(podcast 1) (podcast 2)
(Videos:  Gases, Liquids, Solids)

C12 Solutions
(podcast 1) (podcast 2)
(Videos:  Solution Equilibrium, Dissolution of a solid in a liquid, Pressure and Concentration, Osmosis, Soap)
C13 Materials of Technology