Chemistry 1a Stats

To run Analysis of Variance, download Gwbasic.exe and Analysis of Variance Software and  use right click and save target as  for the F05 Chart into the same file folder.  Run Gwbasic.exe first.  In this software press F3 and then Variance to load the program and then press F2 to run the ANOVA program.  Enter the number of columns in your data.  Then enter the number of data in each column followed by the data.  You can also use your graphing calculator.  Pdf instructions on the use of the TI83 stats functions click here,  select STATS TESTS on the Index on the left of the page and you will find ANOVA at the bottom of the list.  I believe when p<0.05 then you reject the null hypothesis and the sets of data are not the same.

Gwbasic.exe software

Analysis of Variance

Download F05 Chart For ANOVA

Regression Analysis  You can download this program or run it from the internet. 

Brix/Density Conversions 
You can download this program or run it from the internet.