Chemistry 1b Laboratories

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Special Project Information

Chemistry Resources in Library

Lab Safety Summary

Lab Safety Quiz

Unit 1 Kinetics-Thiosulfate and HCl

Unit 2 Clock Reactions

Unit 3 Spectrophotometer Rate Law

Unit 4 LeChatelier's Principle

Unit 5 Ka and Kb and Buffers

Unit 6 Qualitative Analysis Group 1

Unit 7 Qualitative Analysis Group 2

Unit 8 Qualitative Analysis Groups 3 and 4

Unit 9 Qualitative Analysis of General Unknown

Unit 10 Hess's Law

Unit 11 Entropy/Gibb's Free Energy

Unit 12 Chemical Oxygen Demand

Unit 13 Electrochemistry


More Students doing Labwork

Students doing Lab

Unit 36 Formula/Kf of Complex Ion

Unit 39 Synthesis of Aspirin

Unit 45 Caffeine Determination 

Unit 46 Amino Acids

Unit 47 Mohr Salt Titration

Unit 48 Sugar Analysis

Unit 49 Citrus Oil Titration

Unit 50 Kjedhal Protein Analysis

Some Students doing Lab