Chemistry 1b Field Trip

Zalco Laboratory 4309 Armour Ave., Bakersfield, CA  395-0539

Wednesday, March 7th , 1:15 pm


 Write 3 good questions that you want to ask Zalco.  They must be good questions.

  1. Find the answers.  You can ask Zalco people or check out their web site at .
  2. Write a brief description of the tour and what impressed you the most and what you learned.


Teresa Mendivil leaving Board Room   

Inorganic Part of Lab

Waiting to see ICP and AA. 

  Arlene Figueroa and Autopipetors 

Atomic Absorption  

Distilling Apparatus

 Maurene Liong and Jerica Teves, Orgnaic Room

Raquel Ramirez, Chelsea Doyle, Fish Toxicology Fish Toxicology 

    Kathryn Ball, Chelsea Doyle, Fish Toxicology



Abbygail Maaba, Gas Chromatographs

  Jonathan Geherty, Stacy Bainton, GCMS              Larry Dennis, Hsin-Ling Liu

Questions and Answers Larry Dennis Answering Questions Robert Cortez Answering Questions