Beginning of Semester Instructions for Chem 2A  

Welcome to my Chemistry 2A class.  This is a condensed time consuming class that will require a lot of your time and attention.  It will require at least 2 hours of concentrated study outside of the lab and lecture times for every hour in lecture or lab.  To assist you I am notifying you in advance of the course requirements so that you can get a head start.  Please check out my webpage at http://www2.bakersfieldcollege.edu/dkimball .  There you will see general links and links under Chemistry 2A.  At the top, next to my picture is a link called Preliminary Questionnaire which you can fill out right away and get some extra credit.  Just press "submit" and the information you enter will be sent to me automatically.  A similar questionnaire will be available at the end of the course.  You must enter something in the comments to earn your 1 extra credit. This is not a time to ask questions about homework, etc.  You can also select the "Inspirational Stories" from my main web page and read through them.  They will help you understand what type of student (and future employee) you need to be to be successful.  I will refer to these stories during lecture.  Also, you can view the Engaging the Corporate Environment Power Point and Podcast to learn things about working for an institution or corporation that you may never learn in any classroom  This information comes from my lifetime of experience.
Under Chemistry 2A you can look at the syllabus to see what will be required of you and information about the course as well as from my announcements page.  I strongly urge you to check out the Learning Skills Power Point and Podcast linked from my main webpage.  Mastering and using these are absolutely essential to your success in this class.  You simply cannot pass without mastering all of them.  You should begin immediately getting the textbook from the BC Bookstore or from the publisher (Cengage Publishing), studying the first few chapters, and starting the homework early.  Those who work a week ahead of the schedule on the syllabus find the class at least 100 (not 99 or 98) at least a 100 times easier.  Those who don't, are going to have immense trouble with my class.  Homework is done online using the Webassign program.  Click on the Webassign link under Chemistry 2A to see how to get an Access Code and how to register for the homework online if you do not get the book at the BC bookstore or the publisher using the ISBN number on the syllabus. If you get the book at the BC bookstore or the publisher using the ISBN number on the syllabus, the Webassign Access Code is included with the book. Get your books early to avoid long lines and major delays at the bookstore.  Get started on the  homework now and stay ahead and the class will be a much better experience for you!  I also have all the Power Points for my lectures along with audio podcasts that can be used with my Power Points on my website.  You should download and print these out or follow the instructions in purchasing the printouts from Office Max.  At least have the first day's Power Point printed out, since you can use your print outs (or a laptop in class) for the lecture quizzes that I will be giving after each lecture including the first day of class.  Studying these ahead of time will ensure passing grades on lecture quizzes.  Again, we will be having a lecture quiz on the first day of class in lecture.
Attendance and punctuality is mandatory the first two weeks.  If you do not attend or are late to one lecture or lab the first two weeks without proper notification to me, and there is a wait list, you will be dropped and the next person on the wait list will be entered into the class.  This applies to those registered for the course and on the wait lists.  After the first two weeks, if you miss more than 6 lectures and labs, you MAY be dropped from the class.  If you get dropped, you can re-register for the class, if the waitlist is not closed, and you will be put at the end of the wait list.  Don't be late to or miss the first two weeks of class if you want to be in my class.

You may purchase the lab book in advance at the Mt. Vernon Office Max as directed on my syllabus under required texts and the announcements page.

As you can see on my web page, you can contact me by email or call my cell phone at 559-310-2118 if you have any questions.  Again, the sooner you begin the class, the easier it will be.  My website contains a wealth of information and resources that you are encouraged to explore. 
I look forward to meeting all of you the first day.