Announcements for Chemistry 2A Spring 2016

Join the BC American Chemical Society Chapter (Chemistry Club) today.  Click here for more info.

Grades have been sent by email.  Emailed grades will be available next week.

Due Week of 5/2 by the end of Lab:  Lab Report 22 and Lab Report 26

Due Wednesday 5/4 before Lecture:  Homework Chapter 19, End of Semester Questionnaire (for night class get Lecture Quiz 19a by clicking here and turn in before lecture.)

By Thursday noon 5/5 all grades after dropping the lowest 2 lecture quizzes, 1 homework, and 1 lab will be emailed.  Your grades will be listed by student number and not by the numbers you have used for the other tests.  If anyone does not want their grades emailed with their student numbers you must email me ASAP.  Any errors must be reported before the final. 

Final Exam (Chapters 1-19) Wednesday 5/11 (Day Classes in SE53 noon - 1:50pm)( Night Class in SE12or 18 6:00-7:50pm).  Please write your name and section number on your Scantron (form 882)and your test booklet. No scratch paper allowed. You may write on the test booklet but NOT on the periodic tables.  No leaving room until you have finished the test. You may use one page of notes (8.5x11 inch), front and back in your own handwriting.  All cell phones and other electronic equipment, except calculator, should be turned off and stored out of sight. No sharing of calculators or any other test materials. Please put all non-test materials on the floor or on a seat next to you.  No baseball caps or other eye shield material.  Please keep your hands away from your eyes.  Please keep your papers covered and keep your eyes on your own papers.  Any indication of cheating will result in a zero for the test.  Overall grades according to student number (not by numbers that you have used before) will be emailed the next day after the test by noon .  Please pick up graded work on the front table after the final.  Borderline cases (1% short of a grade) will be decided by the final score.  Those whose final score is above the overall percent will receive the higher grade.  Those with a final score below the overall percent will receive the lower grade.  Those who do not pass the final (50% or above) will receive a failing grade in the class regardless of the number of points.  After the final, only errors since before the final will be considered if reported within 24 hours of the final.  After that all grades are final even with errors.