Announcements for Chemistry 2A Fall 2016 Classes  

Those who want to be a STEM assistant or SI leader for this class next semester please contact me ASAP.  SI leader info can be found on my tutoring page and a STEM assistant application form can be found by clicking here.  Pay is $10/hr up to about 20 hours a week.  The deadline for application is December 15th for both.

All final grades have been emailed.  Multiply the Final Test % grade by 2 before adding to the total.  The final is worth 200 points.

Borderline cases (1% short of a grade) have been decided by the final score.  Those whose final score is above the overall percent received the higher grade.  Those with a final score below the overall percent received the lower grade.  Only errors since before the final will be considered if reported within 24 hours of the final.  After that all grades are final even with errors.