Chemistry 2A PPT's and Podcasts

If you do not have Microsoft Office you can go to http://www.openoffice.org and download software for free that will run all Microsoft Office documents including Power Points. You can also get a spiral bound book containing your PPT print outs  by picking one up at Office Max on Mt. Vernon.

C1 Introduction   (Podcast)
C2 Measurement  (Podcast Parts 2a & 2b are combined)
C3 Matter  (Podcast)
C4 Elements Atoms and Ions  (Podcast)
C5 Nomenclature  (Podcast)
C6-7 Chemical Reactions  (Podcast)
C8 Chemical Composition  (Podcast)
C9 Chemical Quantities (Podcast 9a)(Podcast 9b)
C10 Energy (Podcast)
C11 Modern Atomic Theory (Podcast 11a)(Podcast 11b)
C12 Chemical Bonding (Podcast 12a)(Podcast 12b)
C13 Gases (Podcast)
C14 Liquids and Solids (Podcast)
C15 Solutions (Podcast 15a)(Podcast 15b)
C16 Acids and Bases (Podcast)
C17 Equilibrium (Podcast 17a)(Podcast 17b)
C18 Oxidation and Reduction (Podcast 18)
C19 Nuclear Chemistry (Podcast 19a)(Podcast 19b)