Beginning of Class Questionnaire.

                    Please fill out this questionnaire ASAP after enrolling in the class.  You must include your full name and have comments in the comments box to get credit as well as correct information.  Thank you.

    Enter Last Name, First Name:  Class and CRN:  

   1.  What is your major?  
    (If "Other" was selected please indicate major in comments section.)

   2.  What level are you in your college education? 
   New Student      Freshman (not new student)      Sophomore      Junior      Senior

   3.  Mark all that apply?

   Work Part-time        Work Full-time      Married       Have Children       Full-Time Student

   4.  Please select the best answer to the following questions:

        1) Who do you feel is most responsible for your success in class?
        2)  Do you think you can be successful in this class? 
        3)  Do you leave things to do until the last minute
        4)  How carefully do your read or listen? 
        5)  How much time do you usually spend doing homework? 
        6)  When facing a difficult task, normally you .
        7)  Do you like to solve riddles, sudokus, or other types of puzzles? 
        8)  Do you like to draw, paint or create artistic work? 
        9)  How do you usually look at problems? 
        10)  How would you describe your work? 
        11)  How do you like to study? 
        12)  When you are stuck in an assignment or class, what do you usually do? 
        13)  When you find yourself in trouble in a class or any situation, what do you usually do? 

   5.  Please include any comments, special needs, conditions, accommodations, goals, or any problems related to the class.