CONNECT Instructions-Read Carefully

To register for the CONNECT online homework for the Summer 2015 semester you must click on the appropriate link below.


For the Fall 2015 semester you must click on the appropriate link below.


and follow the REGISTER NOW instructions on the right.  You will need an individual pass code that you may be able to buy from the bookstore or from the McGraw Hill publisher if you use the ISBN 9781259116322.  If you buy your book from somewhere else you will need to buy a pass code on line by following the video instructions from the registration page above according to your section number:  If you are not sure if you will get into the class you can get a free trial version of CONNECT according to the video instructions on the registration page.

If you have trouble with registration or at any time with the CONNECT software, please contact Customer Support at http://mpss.mhhe.com/ or call (800) 331-5094.

If you have a problem that contains a lot of math not covered in the class, print a copy of the problem and hand it in to me before the due date and time with your name, section, chapter and problem number and the problem and I will give you credit for it.

After you have registered for the homework, you can click on the link above according to your section number and access your homework assignments by using your email address and password.

You have two tries for each homework assignment question and each assignment is due before the next lecture after the chapter has been covered in class.

If you have trouble with the CONNECT software you must contact them at Customer Support as shown above.  No handwritten or late assignments will be accepted.