Physical Science Power Points and Podcasts

If you do not have Microsoft Office you can go to http://www.openoffice.org and download software for free that will run all Microsoft Office documents including Power Points. You can also make a spiral bound book containing your PPT print outs at Office Max on Mt. Vernon.

Chapter 1 The Scientific Method (podcast)

Chapter 2  Motion  (podcast)

Chapter 3-4 Energy  (podcast) 

Chapter 5 Matter and Energy (podcast)

Chapter 6 Electricity and Magnetism (podcast)

Chapter 7 Waves  (podcast)

Chapter 8 The Nucleus  (podcast)

Chapter 9 The Atom  (podcast)

Chapter 10 The Periodic Law (podcast)

Chapter 11 Crystals and Solutions  (podcast)

Chapter 12 Chemical Reactions  (podcast)

Chapter 13 Organic Chemistry  (podcast)