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to my web site. Here you will find all the materials and information needed to be successful in my chemistry  and science courses. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, problems or concerns at (559) 310-2118 (Cell), dkimball@bakersfieldcollege.edu or (661) 395-4242 (office).  To create a computer account at BC go to the desk in the far right back corner of the lower level of the library where they can help you get a BC user account.  There is no cost.

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Barriers To College Education
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Chemistry Challenges and Solutions
Engaging the Corporate Environment
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Cat Chemistry

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                      My Schedule for Fall 2014  
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
7:45 AM   Chemistry 2A    Chemistry 2A 
8:00 AM   Lab SE 26  Office Hours Lab SE 26
10:55 AM   CRN 70819 SE 12 CRN 70820
1:00 PM Chem 2A  Chemistry 2A Chem 2A  Office
2:25 PM Lecture SE 53 Lab SE 26 Lecture SE 53  Hours
3:00 PM   CRN    SE 12
4:10 PM   70818    
5:30 PM   Phys Sci 12   Phys Sci 12
6:55 PM   Lecture SE 12   Lecture SE 12
7:00 PM       PS 12 Lab SE12
10:10 PM       CRN 71705