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Professor J. David Moton
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Office: Fine Arts 55
Phone: (661) 395-4478

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English 2 (Sp 2010)
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Advertising and Hollywood have us working jobs we really don’t want, just to buy things we don’t really need.  With this philosophy, Fight Club’s Tyler Durden tries to shake the sleeping giant of America awake and into action.  While this advice comes from a novel (one we often study in my 1A course), it is the focus of much scholarship and criticism surrounding mass media, modern-day corporations, and popular (consumer) culture.   Moreover, it is an important criticism of the life-world we've inherited and empowered here in America.

This site is designed to allow my college students to look at how multinational corporate giants have gained control of our airwaves, food supply, and checkbooks to further their own agendas. 

In my courses, we’ll study the scholarship and fiction surrounding the modern day manufacturing and consumption of food, overall consumerism, advertising techniques, and even threats to our basic principles of democracy.  We’ll shake down McDonald's, expose Disney, and wrestle with Wal-Mart.  Finally, by the semester’s end we’ll study some scholarly books which explore ways to counter problems that are arising in our post-human world and to take some power back from these corporate giants.

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From this site, you will find links for the college courses I offer as well as some links designed to educate and promote change. 

If you're here for information regarding one of my classes or contact info, you've come to  the right place.  While you're here, however, poke around and learn something about our world and the corporations which dominate it.



Moton's Areas of Scholarly Focus:

Mass Media, News Media, and Unchecked  Media Power

Corporations and Multinational Corporate Power

Paranormal and Unexplained Phenomenon

Futurism and Technology


Postmodern Literature

Popular Culture



A list of links to improve your education, your self, and your world.

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Dear Mr. Man

What's wrong with the world today?  Things have got to get better.  Show me what the leaders say.  Maybe we should write a letter. 

Said, "Dear Mr. Man, we don't understand why poor people keep struglin', but you don't lend a helpin' hand.  Mathew 5.5 says the meek shall inherit the Earth.  We wanna be down that way, but you been trippin' since the day of your birth.

Who said that to kill is a sin, then started every single war that your people been in?  Who says that water is a precious commodity, then dropped a big old black oil slick in the deep blue sea?  Who told me, Mr. Man, that workin' round the clock would buy me a big house in the hood, with cigarette ads on every block?  Who told me, Mr. Man, that I got a right to moan?  How 'bout this big ole' hole in the ozone?"

What's wrong with the world today?  Things just got to get better.  Dear Mr. Man, we don't understand; maybe we should write a letter.

"Ain't no sense in votin'.  Same soul with a different name.  Might not be in the back of the bus, but it sure feels just the same.  Ain't nothing fair about welfare; ain't no assistance in AIDS.  Ain't nothin' 'firmative about your action, till the people get paid.  Your thousand years are up; now you got to share the land.  Section one of the fourteenth amendment says 'no state shall deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.' 

Mr. Man, we want to end this letter with three word: we tired a'yall."

Tired, tired, so tired of bein' tired.

--Prince Rogers Nelson



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